Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bad Girl by J.D. Faver

Title:  Bad Girl
Author: J.D. Faver
My Rating: A+

Genre: Psychological Thriller or Romantic Suspense
Series: -
Main Characters: Kris
Release Date: November 2011
ISBN: e-book

Publisher: JD Faver
Links to Purchase:
Sexual Intensity: hot

I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.

Story Overview:
When her clients start dying, Kris Delaney, a beautiful dominatrix is forced to rely on controlling detective Nick Price, who wants her more than he wants his shield.
She fights to maintain her privacy, while struggling to resist Nick, who is everything she fears in a man. Having been a victim in the past, Kris is determined to control her life, but in the face of terrifying murders, she is powerless to control her fate. One-by-one, her clients are being dispatched by some grisly means related to their particular kink. As the bodies pile up, Nick tries to keep Kris out of danger and breach her thorny defenses to prove he is worthy of her trust.

My Review:

If you had asked me before today if I was a psychological thriller kind of reader, I would have told you emphatically no, but I would have been completely wrong. Today I read a book that kept me on the edge of my seat the entire day with the twists and turns and suspense of it all. But this book was so much more than just a romantic suspense, although there was a magnificent romantic story to it. Nope, this book was definitely a psychological thriller and I loved every single minute of reading it.

Bad Girl is about Kris. Two years ago, she was held captive and raped repeatedly for three days. As part of her recovery, her therapist paired her up with another client who was suffering other issues and had them act out dominatrix-type situations. Kris needed the control that the situation provided. The other patient was similarly helped by the situation. This developed into a business for Kris. She has twelve clients, all of them referred to her by her therapist.  Both Kris and the submissives gain strength psychologically through the experiences. Although each client is different in their needs, NONE of them have sex with Kris. It is NOT that kind of situation. For her, it is about the control and NO ONE is ever allowed to touch her, unless she gives exclusive permission.

When Kris takes on Nick, a cop, as a client, things start to change. He awakens other feelings within her that she hasn't felt since her attack. This has her off-kilter and defensive especially around him. For the first half of this book, he is very aggressive in his pursuit of her outside of the D/s relationship and she does NOT respond well to that kind of aggression.

Then there is Felix. Besides her therapist, Felix has been the only friend that Kris has allowed into her inner circle in two years. Two years ago, she started seeing him on her therapists referral so that she could learn assertiveness and to defend herself. Felix is a huge martial arts expert. As their friendship developed, he started going with Kris to many of her appointments simply to ensure her safety. He's secretly been in love with her for the last two years. He knows not to push her though with her mental issues. He realizes that she needs to make her own moves where he is concerned.

Things are already shifting for Kris when suddenly her clients start turning up dead, murdered with her collar on them, usually found dead in some form of her discipline. Nick, of course, is the investigating detective on the case of the Bondage Killer.

This can I explain how incredible it was? Yes, there was the whole bizarre BDSM situations, but again, this does not involve actual sex, although the men do become excited by it. The story slowly develops and it's completely intriguing because you have no idea where it was going. Just when I finally thought that I had a handle on it, *BAM* J.D. threw a huge curve into the book (huge enough that I had to stop and email her because I was so completely surprised by it.) I have read this book all day long today and I can guarantee you that it will stick with me so much longer. It was so good. Even knowing all the twists and turns now, I can guarantee you that this will be a book that I re-read over and over again.

My only complaint is that it's now over. A sure sign of a great book...when it breaks your heart when it ends. I HIGHLY recommend this one. Such an amazing read!!! I honestly want to go back and re-read it right now!


Aurian said...

A great review, but I am not sure if it is for me. Not a fan of bdsm, even though you say no sex with the clients.

Jane Leopold Quinn said...

Congratulations to J.D. Faver. I've read your other books and really enjoyed them. I'm looking forward to this one. It's on my Sony. This review only whetted my appetite.


Michele Hart said...

Wow, what a glowing recommendation! I can hardly wait to read it! It's in my TBR list.

Who doesn't love a good mystery? J.D. writes them!

Congrats, J.D., on collecting more fans.


Lisa Alexander Griffin said...
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Lisa Alexander Griffin said...

What a wonderful review J.D. Now I'm gonna have to read Bad Girl! :)

Jamie Lee Scott said...

Very interesting. This looks like a book my Kindle is just begging for. Nice review, I can't wait to read the novel.

J.D. Faver said...

Thanks so much for reading Bad Girl! Christi. I'm so glad you like it.
And thanks to everyone who has read it or plans to read Bad Girl!
My purpose is to entertain you.

Elsie said...

I devoured this book last night and can't wait to read some more J.D. Faver. Awesome read!!

Mary Marvella said...

Interesting review! My to be-read list just grew by 1.

Carol said...

Wow! Such a glowing review for Bad Girl, JD. I love your other books, and feel Bad Girl won't disappoint either. Your books definitely grab my interest from the start and until the story comes to an end. Adding this to my TBR list. Congratulations!