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Accounting for Lust by Ylette Pearson

Title: Accounting for Lust
Author: Ylette Pearson
My RatingA-

Genre: Erotic Romantic Suspense 
Main Characters: Jake and Cassie

Release Date: September 2012
ISBN: ebook
Publisher: -
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Sexual Intensity: erotic

Story Overview:
The moment she saw him at the club, accountant Cassandra Adams knew she’d found her candidate for an anonymous one-night-stand. Pirate-like handsome, he signaled danger in capital letters - just what she needed before assuming her role as CEO of her father’s South African weapons manufacturing company.

Steaming hot sex was the last thing on Jake Pierce’s mind when he agreed to protect the new boss of Adams Armory Incorporated after someone tried to kill her. However, when Cassandra Adams walked into the office, Jake found himself battling memories of tangled sheets and sweaty bodies. 

While Cassie and Jake surrendered to the passion between them and tried to keep their hearts out of the equation, someone watched from the shadows. Biding his time. Craving revenge.

Please note this book is an erotic mystery and contains content of an adult nature with graphic language that might offend some readers.

My Review:
I have to admit, I was surprised by just how much I enjoyed this book...all of it, both the suspense, the romance, AND the super-hot erotic parts. Usually I end my reviews talking about the eroticism on an erotic romance, but this book deserves that discussion first. I've read quite a bit of erotica and I can easily say that this is one of the hottest books that I've ever read. Seriously, I love the way that Ylette Pearson writes those scenes. But just a warning....have your significant other nearby while reading. ;o)

But that's not all there is to this book. There's the romance between Jake and Cassie (yes, readers of MY books....did you notice that?? hehe). Jake and Cassie hooked up for a hot sizzling one night stand ten months prior to when the bulk of this book took place. It was just anonymous, intense hook-up while they were both on an island. They didn't even exchange names, but that night has stayed with both of them since to give them fodder for their fantasies. So it's a HUGE surprise when Jake is part of the security firm hired to protect Cassie when she and her company come under attack. Conveniently enough, he's the guy personally in charge of her security. I did mention that this book is really hot, right?? Whoa, boy...

I really loved these two together. First of all, their chemistry is through the roof, but Cassie is normally a very reserved, accountant-like personality. She becomes so much more with Jake. Neither one of them ever planned to have a permanent relationship in their lives, but as they get closer to each other, they begin to question that. I liked the way that the story was ended. It really worked for them and the personal issues they are trying to work through.

And in the midst of all that, there is the danger to Cassie and the company that her dad has built. The author exposes the bad guy early on in the book, but that doesn't mean you know exactly what he's doing or how he's going to proceed next. I'll admit that was probably the weakest part of the story, but I still enjoyed the suspense story line. Just remember that this book is erotica, first and foremost and it totally works in that aspect.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Best Reads of 2012...

2012 was an AMAZING reading year for me. 
I read over 450 books and 62 of them made it onto my "possible top 10 for 2012 reads" list. 
(You can go read through that whole list HERE
because ALL of those books were amazingly good books.) 

But when it comes to the final list, there are some requirements that have to be met. 

First of all, reading as much as I do, I forget the details of books a LOT. The books on this list, I have NOT forgotten. 

Another indication that it will make my top ten list....rereading. I read a LOT. I also write, so my time is VERY limited. But all of the books on this list warranted at least a second read for me this year...if not even a third or fourth reread.

Spy Games: Trained For Seduction by Mia Downing
(Erotic Romantic Suspense)

The Island by Lisa Henry
(m/m Contemporary Suspense)

Remember the Shagmeister by Carol Schede
(Contemporary Romance)

One More Summer by Liz Flaherty
(Contemporary Romance)

Hell on Wheels by Julie Ann Walker
(Romantic Suspense)

What I Didn't Say by Keary Taylor
(YA Contemporary Romance)

On the Island by Tracey Garvis Graves
(Contemporary Romance)

The Angel by Tiffany Reisz
(Erotic Romance)

Whispers in the Dark by Maya Banks
(Romantic Suspense)

Jilted by Rachael Johns
(Contemporary Romance)
*sob*- not available in the US (Australian friends can get it though)...I keep hoping

Honorable mentions:

*Double Time by Olivia Cunning (erotic romance)

*Fifteen Shades of Gay for Pay by T. Baggins (m/m contemporary)
Amazon buy link (today it's showing as FREE on kindle)

Protection by T. Baggins

Title:  Protection
Author: T. Baggins
My Rating: A

Genre: Historical Romance (m/m)
Series: -
Main Characters: Gabriel & Joey
Release Date: December 2011

ISBN: 978-1477593394 
Publisher: Lyonnesse Books

Links to Purchase:

Sexual Intensity: erotic

Story Overview:
When Gabriel MacKenna enters Wentworth Prison in 1931, he promises himself two things: never to be buggered and never to turn prison queer. Tough, smart, and ruthless in a fight, he quickly makes a name for himself inside. But Gabriel, saved from the noose by a social crusader, is serving two life sentences. And life is a very long time to endure Wentworth with no comforts but prison food, card games and cigarettes. To survive endless days without the touch of another human being...

Five years after Gabriel’s incarceration, Joey Cooper arrives at Wentworth. Every convict claims imprisonment through a miscarriage of justice, but Joey is truly blameless. Trained at Oxford as a physician, the young doctor is innocent of prison culture and too handsome for his own good. Facing eighteen years behind Wentworth’s towering gates, Joey cannot hope to survive without protection. And protection is just what Gabriel MacKenna offers. At a price...

My Review:
I have waffled and debated my rating for this book. My ratings are based upon how much I enjoy a book.... my entertainment value. There are certain things that can ruin a book for me along these lines.
1. I simply do not enjoy historical books anymore.
2. I NEED an HEA.
This book broke both of those rules, but I still LOVED it.

This's gritty, it's harsh, it's violent. It's about prison life in the 1930's. But these characters...omg, these characters. The author weaves the story in such a way that you fall in love with them and their story. And yes, I absolutely was crying by the end of it.

And that brings me to the other thing...the end. *sigh* This is not a book with an HEA and I'm not sure I could have handled that without the section called "Coda". Coda gave me closure. I needed that. I'm still sad about the ending, but not devastated like I would have been otherwise.

So my advice about whether or not to read this book...if the story description appeals to you, you probably will enjoy the book. It's written incredibly well, and in the end I can say that yes, I absolutely enjoyed my time reading it. I'll probably even re-read it again someday.

A Bid for Love by KT Grant

Title:  A Bid for Love
Author: KT Grant
My Rating: B

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: One Night Stand #
Main Characters: Anthony and Reece
Release Date: February 2012
ISBN: ebook 

Publisher: Decadent Publishing

Links to Purchase:

Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:

Anthony Conlin is a forty-one year old workaholic in love with his twenty-nine year old neighbor, Reece Whitmore, who looks like he belongs on the cover of GQ magazine. Anthony longs for Reece to the point of obsession, but doesn’t think he stands a chance because of their difference in age, his graying hair and a less than rock hard physique. 

When Anthony’s friend, Jagger Castillo urges Anthony to try the matching services of One Night Stand, Anthony still refuses because of his crush on Reece. But Jagger, along with the help of Madame Evangeline, the owner of the 1NS has something up their sleeves to make certain Anthony and Reece finally get together. 

A charity auction sets the stage and rolls into motion a night Anthony and Reece will never forget.

My Review:

This was an interesting format for this series, having these two men who have been circling each other for years and then Madame Eve and Jagger Castillo step in to get them to connect. It was a hot book with a cougar-type story line (if a gay man can qualify as a cougar).

Anthony is a middle-aged guy with middle-aged issues. He's not so sure of his appeal anymore because things aren't so tight anymore. As a result, he's never acted on his attraction to his neighbor Reece although Reece is trying to send out all the right signals. Physically, Anthony may not be the hottest guy around, but Reece sees that he's so much more than that and is attracted to who Anthony is. BUT Anthony is just not seeing that Reece likes him too.

Finally with a bit of manipulation by Anthony's friends (Jagger and Madame Eve) the two are able to connect. 

I liked this book. I just wish that Anthony's self-flaggelation had been downplayed a tiny bit more. I like this series and it was fun to see Jagger and Madame Eve play a little bit larger role within this book than they normally do.

Blue Cruise by Liz Crowe

Title:  Blue Cruise
Author: Liz Crowe
My Rating: A

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: One Night Stand
Main Characters: Caleb and Adem
Release Date: November 2011

ISBN: ebook
Publisher: Decadent Publishing

Links to Purchase:
Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
Caleb and Tarkan were an odd couple—men from two different cultures—so in love, they were determined to overcome any obstacles. But fate had different plans for Tarkan. Shattered and unable to function a full two years after tragedy strikes, Caleb faces the hollow shell that is his life.

Adem Broussard is happy enough, as owner and chef of his restaurant on the Turkish southern coast. But a tall, American Adonis he saw once, years ago on a Turkish Blue Cruise haunts his most erotic dreams, and he hopes contracting Madame Eve's 1NightStand service for an unconventional date will help him forget.

When Caleb caves in to his friend Elle's insistence that he return to Turkey and exorcise some of the demons that haunt him, he reluctantly climbs on board a private yacht for a special 1Night Stand Blue Cruise. There he comes face to face with the man who remembers him well…and helps him heal.

My Review:

It's not often when you read a book that you aren't even introduced to one of the main characters until the halfway point. And at that point in this book, I had already yeah, this isn't your normal book. But it's a good book for those very same reasons.

This book is part of the One Night Stand series and it's a great example of why I love these books. It's short....can easily be read within an hour, but it was so filled with emotion and feeling. I'm truly amazed at how much the author was able to fit within such a short amount of book space. And to make it even more impressive, she told TWO love stories within these pages. was so good. What Caleb goes through broke my heart, but I love the way that it all turned out. 

A short read, so a short review. But this book was HUGE on quality, characterization, and emotion. It packs a TON of punch in this very small format.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Blue Ridge Fear by Robin Weaver

Title: Blue Ridge Fear
Author: Robin Weaver
My RatingA

Genre: Romantic Suspense 
Main Characters: Sienna and Carson

Release Date: November 2012
ISBN: 978-1612174730
Publisher: Wild Rose Press
Links to Purchase:
Sexual Intensity: spicy

Story Overview:

Can things get any worse?

After an intimate relationship with her former boss sours, Sienna Sanders is slapped with a lawsuit for breach of contract. Broke and jobless, she moves in with her airhead cousin in a too-small mountain cabin--their joint inheritance.

But things get worse when a hiking misstep leaves Sienna stranded. That is, until a hunky stranger comes to her rescue. A zing of attraction has her thinking he might be the one. But there's a psycho stalking the area who's already killed four women--women who look a lot like Sienna.

Her stranger insists his name is Carson Addison, but Sienna discovers that isn't true. Plus, her dreamboat protector, a.k.a. possible stalker, only materializes when she's alone. Can she trust her heart and believe he's not a killer? Or is she making herself an easy target for the monster lurking in the mountains?

My Review:
This book was so good. Seriously, I was sitting at the 80% mark of the story and still had at least seven suspects for who could be the bad guy. I never did figure it out definitely until it was revealed in the story. I was constantly back and forth about who it was. So good! And that was just the suspense part of it. 

The romance was even better. Sienna knows that she can't trust anyone and when all things point to the fact that she can trust Carson even less, her heart won't give in. Her heart knows he's a good guy even when her mind is telling her that she shouldn't trust him and should, in fact, stay as far away from him as possible. Then there's Carson. You don't know exactly what his story is, but what you do get from him is that he needs to stay away from her too and he just can't do it. Don't you just love romances where the chemistry is so hot, that the characters just can't ignore it? I know that I do and that's part of the reason why I loved this story so much. 

It was an intense book. There's a serial killer on the loose and he seems to have Sienna in his sights. In the middle of all that, she's dealing with her ditsy roommate and cousin with her constant parade of men and the fact that they can't move out of their house or else they will forfeit inheriting it. There's the small NC town who doesn't really trust outsiders and is doubly suspicious with what looks like a serial killer on the loose. There's a lot of tension between Sienna and Bethany. There's a lot of tension between Bethany and her men. Then there's a lot of tension between Sienna and Carson. All of it wrapped up to make a story that I didn't want to put down. I wanted to know who was the bad guy? What was the deal with Carson? And none of those questions were answered until the very last. It made for a super-suspenseful and entertaining read. I really, really liked it!

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Loving Again by Peggy Bird

Title:  Loving Again
Author: Peggy Bird
My Rating: B+

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Second Chances #2
Main Characters: Sam and Amanda
Release Date: November 2012

ISBN: ebook 
Publisher: Crimson Romance

Links to Purchase:
Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
One spring evening, at an art gallery opening, Portland police detective Sam Richardson meets Amanda St. Claire, a talented, young glass artist. He’s immediately attracted to her. Trouble is, they’re introduced by Amanda’s boyfriend, restaurant and club owner Tom Webster. 

Then Webster is murdered and Amanda’s accused of killing him. Amanda and Sam grow closer as they try to clear her name. But as much as Sam wants her to stay she runs to Seattle to escape the notoriety of her trial.

Sam follows and convinces her to come back to Portland and to him. But when she does, strange things begin to happen. Another glass artist publicly accuses her of stealing his ideas. She’s stalked while out running errands. The sensor on the back door to her basement keeps going off, as if someone is trying to get into her house. Her studio is repeatedly broken into.

Then, two more people are killed and the evidence points, again, to Amanda as the killer. And this time, Sam’s life is threatened, too. On her own Amanda comes up with a plan to protect him. A plan that means she will have to shut him out of her life. But she can’t let anything happen to him, not after everything he did for her. 

Even if it means losing the only man she’s ever loved.

My Review:
This is a very involved story which covers about a year's worth of time. In the beginning Sam and Amanda are newly dating, but she's just gone through a really tough time and is in the process of relocating for six months to Seattle to get her life straightened out. They've just discovered each other and Sam doesn't really understand Amanda's need to leave for such a long period. He doesn't want her to go. That's where the story starts, but then it covers the next year of Sam and Amanda's life as they grow into a relationship and then Amanda's world falls apart once again.

This is a romantic suspense, but the romance is different from what you normally find in romance novels. When the book starts, they are already dating. What you see instead of blossoming feelings, is the development of a loving relationship and all the growing pains and learning of each other that it takes to get there. Because in the midst of this new relationship, there is a new threat in Amanda's life and she has scars from her past especially when it comes to trust. When her world fell apart before, it was Sam who saved her from it all. This time she is determined to stand on her own two feet and be stronger than she was before. What she doesn't realize is that this is bigger than she can handle. She needs to trust her cop-boyfriend to help her out.

I liked this book.Even though Sam and Amanda spend a lot of the book at odds with each other, it never read as confrontational. I always felt like they were a strong couple regardless of the roadblocks thrown at them and I liked that. I liked Amanda and her independent spirit as much as I loved Sam and his need to protect her.  There were times when the suspense seemed a little bit too easy, but overall it worked for me. It definitely kept me engaged with the story and dying to know what was going to come next. 

Overall, it's definitely one I'd recommend and I'd even read again. I'll be watching for more of this author's books.

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.