Friday, December 30, 2011

My new Auto-buy Authors found in 2011

As you all know, I read a LOT. There is a catch-22 in that because it enables me to find so many new wonderful authors and this year was no exception to that. I have sooo many new favorite authors that I have discovered in the last year, but there aren't many that qualify to be on my Auto-Buy list (meaning, I will buy whatever they questions asked. I don't care what it's about. I automatically know it will be good.) Below are the two that have made the list this year:

Jill Shalvis
Jill's website

I have read 13 of Jill's books (that link will take you to all of my Jill Shalvis reviews for the year) this year (I think that she qualifies as my most-read author too) and loved every single one of them. She writes contemporary romance and her alpha-guys tend to have a rugged outdoorsy quality to them that I just love. Jill herself lives in the Tahoe area and you see that outdoor quality come through her books. My favorite series of hers (the Wilder brothers series- came out in 2009 and looks like maybe it's slated for re-issue in 2012) takes place in that area and is about 3 brothers who run an outdoor adventure business.

Her books are always fun and entertaining. The lowest rating that any of them have earned has been a B and I think that at least 11-12 of them earned variations of the A rating.

Another thing that I love is that she writes series books that are all related to each other. She ties in the characters so that you see them throughout the whole series which helps for you, as the reader, to connect more fully with the characters. I just love Jill's books. They qualify as my perfect style of read. They are entertaining. They are fun. They are smexy. And they usually have an emotional moment or two that I love. I connect with them and she is definitely on my auto-buy list from here on out!

Julie James
Julie's website
Okay, we are going to get the complaint about Julie out there before anything else...she doesn't write fast enough. ;o) She only has four books (the link will take you to those reviews) out so far (another one releasing in April, 2012.) 

Luckily, those four books are so brilliantly written that they qualify to be re-read over and over again while we wait for the next one to come out (she comes out with one about every 9 mos to a year...and she did have a baby this year, so I guess that she has a good excuse...LOL.)

I don't know even where to start with Julie's books. They are so good and so entertaining. I laugh out loud constantly whenever I read one of her books. Her heroines are smart and snarky and I just love them. In real life, Julie is a lawyer and her brains show through her writing. There's a sharpness to her writing that is so well-done. There is always an antagonistic relationship between her heroes and heroines at the first that evolves into some serious passion, but Julie keeps her books in the mild-spicy zone with the sex scenes.

My other auto-buy authors that I already loved before 2011:
*Kristan Higgins- contemporary romance
*Christy Reece- romantic suspense
*Cindy Gerard- romantic suspense
*Larissa Ione- paranormal romance
*Rachel Gibson- contemporary romance
*Victoria Dahl- contemporary romance (I don't read her historicals)

So who are your auto-buy authors?? Not that I need any more suggestions, but the TBR hasn't fallen over and killed me yet. LOL!


Julie said...

This year, my auto-buy authors list grew so much! It's annoying really. My 'classic' auto-buys are Larissa Ione, Molly Harper, Julie James, Carolyn Crane, Jeaniene Frost and Ilona Andrews (even though there is still stuff out there by them that I haven't read. Shocking...I know.) There are more, but I can't think of them right now. I learned this year that even some of my 'older' auto-buy authors write stuff that I don't enjoy so I did lose a couple authors on my list because of that.
So as you see, I completely agree with your choice of Julie James. And I WILL READ JILL SHALVIS IN 2012!!!

Christi Snow said...

Julie, are you sure you have been reading my blog??? How in the world have you still not read a Jill Shalvis book??? I promise you they are not my normal emotional favorites....they are super fun and sexy! You need to go read at least one of them NOW! smiles...

Aurian said...

I still have to read your two new authors. But you really don't want my autobuy list added to your own! It is almost two pages of names! If you follow my blog for a while, you will find out soon enough ;)

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