Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hot Text by Cari Quinn

Title:  Hot Text
Author: Cari Quinn
My Rating: A+

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: -
Main Characters: Jeff & Daisy
Release Date: November 2011
ISBN: e-book
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
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Sexual Intensity: hot

I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.

Story Overview:
Sometimes what you think you want and what you need are two very different things.

As a technical editor, Jeffrey Maddox deals with plenty of words, leaving him few to spare on people, except his baby sister. To keep Daisy from wrecking her newly rehabbed life by shacking up with her older, married lover Lonny, he impulsively texts Lonny's wife, Karyn. And then meets her at a coffee shop on a snowy night, ostensibly to convince her to stay with her philandering husband.

But soon texting turns to sexting. After spending the night getting to know Karyn, Jeff wants something much more personal-Lonny's wife. For himself.

Despite her misgivings about Jeff's intentions, Karyn can't fight their attraction. She's still not divorced, though she knows there's no way she'll return to her husband. But maybe an amazing night of conversation-and even more amazing lovemaking-can lead to more than just one night of hot text.

My Review:
Simple overview: One incredibly hot, sexy night after a chance encounter where two soul mates meet, but the timing is just not where it needs to be. 

Whoa, this book was good and so powerful. There was something about these two characters that I simply connected with...both of them. Jeff & Karyn are two people that have that instant connection that everyone dreams about. They just mesh perfectly. 

The majority of this book is about the 10 hours after Jeff & Karyn meet. Their chemistry is instant and explosive and completely overwhelming for both of them. It was really cool to read a story where the characters were so completely perfect for each other in a completely natural way. There was nothing forced or dishonest about how they come together. I found myself smiling throughout the reading of the majority of this book (even my husband commented on the way that I kept smiling) because there was such a sweetness to these two characters together and how perfect at ease they are when they are together.

But Karyn is in the middle of getting a divorce (her soon to be ex-husband is sleeping with Jeff's little sister...it's how they meet,) and her life is too complicated and messy for the high emotions that they are both feeling. She needs to get things straightened out. Everything about this book is done just so perfectly. I wasn't sure when I read the description and realized that Karyn is married when the book takes place, but Cari writes this story so brilliantly. I should have trusted her on this one. It's fantastically written. The timing of everything is perfect. Just really a beautiful book and romance...and did I mention sexy?? Uh, yeah....it is a Cari Quinn novel...seriously sexy too! Love the body painting! Another fabulous read!

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Julie said...

This is another author that I've been meaning to read. I will have to make an effort to read her next year. This book sounds really nice - and it made you smile! A good sign for me. ;)