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What a Goddess Wants by Stephanie Julian

Title:  What a Goddess Wants
Author: Stephanie Julian
My Rating: A-

Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance
Series: Forgotten Goddesses #1
Main Characters: Tessa & Caligo
Release Date: July 2011


Publisher: Sourcebooks
Links to Purchase:
Sexual Intensity: erotic

Story Overview:
In his arms, her magic powers are on the rise...
Tessa, Etruscan Goddess of the Dawn, is desperately fighting off a malicious god, but her powers are weakening. She needs a hero and fast, because only sexual energy can give her strength. So she seeks out Caligo, whose sexual prowess is legendary...
And she's the only one who can bring him into the light...
Caligo is a fabled Cimmerian warrior determined to stay away from spoiled goddesses who trample hearts after they've had their fun. But there's something irresistibly hot and inviting about Tessa, and he knows he's her only chance to escape the encroaching darkness...

My Review:
This was one of those books that I just wasn't sure I was going to like...the story line seemed a bit complicated (I get lost in all the gods/goddesses of the different pantheons,) the reviews that I had seen about it were up and down, but I fell in love with the cover (yes, I know, I am a cover whore,) and I REALLY like the description of the story for book #2 in this series, so I broke down and decided to read it. OMG, why did I ever second-guess this book?!? This book was FABULOUS!!

I probably need to preface this review by saying that this is an erotica novel and, as such, there is a LOT of sex in it....A LOT! But it's good! 

Tessa is a forgotten goddess from a basically forgotten pantheon...the Etruscans. She used to be in charge of the rising of the sun, but the Roman Goddess Aurora has taken over that job, so now Tessa basically lives out her life in rural Pennsylvania, handling the occasional midwifery duties when she is called upon. Her powers are basically non-existent at this point, but she is being stalked in her dreams by Charon. He is trying to escape from the underworld and his plans are to steal the forgotten goddesses remaining powers to do so. Because he steals through their dreams, Tessa has stopped sleeping, but obviously, this can only be a temporary solution so she goes in search of help and is led to the Cimmerian warrior Caligo.

Caligo is human, although he has a few powers of his own. He has been acting as a mercenary (hired gun for anyone willing to pay) for a long time, and he has had one too many Goddesses use and abuse him, so he is NOT happy to see Tessa. Regardless, of that, there is an instant chemistry between these two which is explosive, and surprisingly, that chemistry empowers Tessa's embattled Goddess powers. When a demon comes after her on Caliga's land, he can no longer ignore this damsel in distress.

Like I said, I did not expect to enjoy this book as much as I did. It sounds like a complex story line, but it's really not. The book takes place in modern times and while there is a lot about the different pantheons and the mythology, there is a handy little dictionary at the beginning of the book to clarify anytime I got even the slightest bit confused.

At the heart of this book is two characters that I really loved who are falling in love. Caligo has very real reasons for distrusting any of the Goddesses, but once he becomes committed to helping Tessa, he is all-in. He is passionate, gorgeous, and tough. He's a human, but doesn't think twice about going up against Gods when he knows they can kill him in an instant. This is the kind of alpha hero that we all love to fall in love with. At the gorgeously written. Yay, Stephanie for writing those final scenes so perfectly. I was literally sobbing.

Then there is Tessa. She is a Goddess with no real reason for existing any longer, but she maintains a happy disposition. She is doing the best that she can with the lot in life that she has been given. She is straight-forward, compassionate, and outspoken. I love that when she wants Caligo, she flat-out tells him. No games for this Goddess. 

This was a GREAT first novel for this series. I will be honest, I am so close to giving this an A rating. This one is right on the edge for me. I am excited to read the second book, How To Worship a Goddess, coming out December 1st. That book features a Goddess and a hockey player...I can't wait!

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