Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Top Off Tuesday: Fever by Joan Swan

Last week, I was on Leontine's blog and she was talking about this series that is coming out starting in April, 2012. It sounds A.MA.ZING! AND, OMG, just look at that cover. Yep, I am DEFINITELY going to be buying this one!!!

I copied all the blurbs and cover from Leontine's blog, so please go leave her some love too! She's the one who made this amazing discovery!! Here, also is the link to Joan Swan's website.

FEVER (Book 1 of the Phoenix Rising Series)

Coming in April 2012 from Kensington Brava

Firefighter TEAGUE CREEK is not the man he used to be. Six years ago while on a routine call, a warehouse explosion left him with burns over eighty percent of his body. When he awoke in a hospital, his injuries had miraculously healed, leaving him with the burning question: what really happened in that warehouse? Subsequent events added to his suspicions: forced separation from his engine company, interrogation by mysterious military personnel, restricted visitation with his wife and, ultimately, her suicide.

But the bizarre circumstances didn’t end there. Two years after his wife’s death, he has been convicted of murdering the first woman he dated since, incarcerated at San Quentin State Penitentiary and denied an appeal. He’s lost the daughter he lived for, Kat, and the career as a firefighter he loved. Believing the original warehouse fire is somehow linked to everything that’s happened since, Teague gives up on the system. Instead of fighting an invisible enemy, he scrapes together a plan to escape prison, reclaim Kat and flee to South America.

Doctor ALYSSA FOSTER is only two weeks away from attaining her loftiest goal to date: securing an attending radiologist position at one of the finest hospitals in the country. Her success means status, respect and proving her worth to her family. But Alyssa’s future is forever altered when she is abducted by one of her forensic patients, Teague Creek. Early on Alyssa realizes this is no ordinary man. He has a strange ability to create heat within his body, which he uses to both hurt and heal.

It doesn’t take Teague long to figure out he’s grabbed the wrong woman. Instead of a bargaining chip to use in exchange for Kat, he’s saddled with a witness. And she’s picked up on his developing pyrokenetic abilities. As the two reluctantly grow closer and she eventually believes his story, a bond emerges between them. And that bond only strengthens as Alyssa helps Teague both embrace his powers and demystify their origin. During their trek across California to find Kat, they both find themselves attracted to each other in ways neither of them expected. But that attraction may just get them both killed. Because this isn't about a missing little girl anymore. Someone wants Teague gone. And they're willing to do whatever it takes to get rid of him.

BLAZE (Book 2 of the Phoenix Rising Series)

Coming in October 2012 from Kensington Brava

Former firefighter turned ATF agent LUKE RANSOM knows how fast a situation can go from bad to worse, and when a simple child custody retrieval turns into a Waco-slash-Jonestown rerun in the remote Nevada desert, worse turns to shit. Paired begrudgingly with his ex, KEIRA O’SHAY, also a former firefighter but now one of the FBIs sharpshooters, Luke and Keira quickly deduce things aren't what they seem. Thrust into the depths of a conspiracy they’d suspected, but couldn't prove, they uncover a deeper, darker force at work, one that is somehow linked to the destruction of their former firefighting team and the development of strange paranormal abilities every team member has struggled with since the mysterious warehouse fire five years before that changed their lives forever.

What neither Luke nor Keira realize, is that their paranormal abilities are enhanced by the power of their relationship. When Luke and Keira come back together in BLAZE, their abilities strengthen, grow and expand. Keira's clairaudience blossoms with empathetic qualities and even a touch of clairvoyance. Luke's gifts come back full force and not only is he immune to burns, his skin is impenetrable, his bones unbreakable. Each utilize their powers toward the success of their mission, but don’t expect the bond their interconnected powers create in their relationship.

And when the shadow agency that has been tracking them decides they’re getting to close to the truth, repressed passions and unspoken regrets won't be the only thing keeping Luke and Keira apart. Now, they’re in a race not only to save a child's life, but to save each other’s as well.

Inferno (Book 3 of the Phoenix Rising Series)

JESSICA FURY once had everything to live for. Now, she lives for one purpose: revenge.
Five years ago, Jessica witnessed the death of her newlywed husband, QUAID LEGEND, when their hazmat firefighting team stumbled upon an illegal chemical stash in a government warehouse set aflame. Since her recovery, Jessica has slowly pieced together a plan to implement payback, and she's just one piece of information away from achieving that satisfaction when she receives the biggest shock of her life: Quaid may still be alive.

Recent events involving other members of her team in BLAZE turn up evidence that Quaid has been held as a prisoner in a secret military laboratory. Jessica utilizes her scrying abilities—using an item to view events at a distance or in the future—to help find and free Quaid from the custody of the shadow government agency, only to discover that all the experimental testing he's undergone over the years has wiped his mind clean, and he has no memory of her.

Utilizing the clustered paranormal abilities they developed within Quaid, the government scientists have created a powerful weapon for the U.S. military. When his former firefighting team rescues him from the secure facility, the government goes on an all-out mission to retrieve what they consider an extremely valuable element to national security.
With their past shadowed and their future threatened, Jessica and Quaid face the ultimate battles of freedom--one for life, one for love.


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Amanda @ On a Book Bender said...

The V in fever is like an arrow pointing the way to good stuff.

Felicia the Geeky Blogger said...

Oh My! Fans myself in a very Scarlett O'Hara over dramatically kind of way!

This series sounds really good and yep that cover isn't bad at all!

Joan Swan said...

@Amanda--I know, is that hot or what? VBG

@Feicia--I have to keep my cover flaps on top of the bookcase or I'd dehydrate from drooling all day.

@Christi--THANKS SO MUCH for posting. Are you part of my Book Buzz Giveaway? I'll look for your name in the entries to pop in your points for blogging. If not, check it out at http://www.joanswan.com/buzz.giveaway.htm.


Psique said...

Loved the stories, yes I read the summary, after drooling long enough on this abs.

Great pick.

Psique @ Book Travels

Anonymous said...

Hello sexy cover man...can you please come into my life so I can pet and lick you...what??!! Don't tell me you're not thinking it too. :-P ;-) This does sound like a great series, I'm putting this on my TBR list and for my must buy on release day! :-D

Missie said...

I'm definitely feeling the HEAT!!! Playing with fire never sounded so sexy!

Diana (Book of Secrets) said...

Wow!! That is a fabulous cover. Love, love, love the tattoo. Thanks for putting this upcoming series on my radar!