Thursday, October 27, 2011

BoB Read #7: Sweet as Sin by Inez Kelley

Title:  Sweet As Sin
Author: Inez Kelley
My Rating: A-

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: - 
Main Characters: John & Livvy
Release Date: January 2011
ISBN: e-book
Publisher: Carina Press
Links to Purchase:
Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
John Murphy is tormented by nightmares. A bestselling young-adult author, he writes the ultimate fantasy: stories where good always triumphs. He knows better. His past has shown him the worst in people—and in himself. When he moves next door to the sexy, vibrant Livvy—a woman completely unlike his usual one-night stands—he's driven to explore every curve of her delicious body.
Pastry chef Livvy knows that giving in to the temptation that is John Murphy won't lead to anything permanent, but she deserves a passionate summer fling. John discovers she's as sweet as the confections she bakes while Livvy slowly unravels his secrets. But what will happen when she uncovers them all?
104,200 words

My Review:
This is a book that has been on my radar (and quite honestly, on my Kindle) ever since it came out because everyone absolutely RAVES about how good it is. Honestly, I am not sure what I expected from this book, but I will readily admit that it surprised me...and I can't even pinpoint how, but this book was not what I expected...and that is not a bad thing.

Everyone talks about how emotional this book is and it most definitely is that because John has a LOT of emotional baggage. But if you have read my reviews much, you will know that I cry in a LOT of books (and usually you get an A+ review from me if you make me cry,) but I really didn't in this one. There was only a single moment where I even came close...the final scene in John's book that he's writing. 

What I did find in this book though was a ton of humor (and I wasn't expecting that.) The dialogue and wittiness between Livvy and John leaps off the page with their chemistry. I loved it when these two would was just pure magic watching the dialogue between them. 

But there is also a TON of sadness to this book. John is scarred...deeply and heavily in his soul by an extremely abusive stepfather until he was 16 yo. Those scars affect how he deals with absolutely every aspect of his life. In fact, it is those scars that he writes about. He's a YA author who write a series about two monsters, Jondi and Thorn. Those monsters have protected him and given him a safe place to escape to his entire life. Now John's life is being turned upside down in so many ways, but mainly through his love for Livvy, that he can't accept, and even his monsters in his stories are turning on him.

It is a good book. I definitely enjoyed every minute of reading it. Livvy is strong and powerful and she believes in her love for John. I liked the fact that no matter how bad things got, neither one of them ever debated their love for the other and Livvy's move at the end, was simply brilliant to get John to see the truth of what she was saying. Everyone who says that you should read this book, is absolutely correct. I am so glad that I finally listened.

BoB Haiku:
Sex for the summer.
It turns into so much more.
Healing love for John.


Julie said...

Wooooot! Yay yay yay! That is all.

Anonymous said...

I know, I know...I need to read this damn book. It's been on my TBR list for like a year I think. Dang it, I'll read it...I really will. I'm happy that you enjoyed it. I know Julie loved it, obviously. :-P