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No Way to Hell by Dakota Cassidy

Title:  No Way to Hell
Author: Dakota Cassidy
My Rating: A-

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Hell #2
Main Characters: Marcella & Kellen
Release Date: July 2010

Publisher: Penguin
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
A hilarious new romance that really turns up the heat, from the national bestselling author of Kiss and Hell.
After defying Lucifer to save her best friend Delaney, ex-demon Marcella Acosta has been banished to exist in the plane between heaven and hell-and there isn't a shopping mall in sight. After numerous failed attempts to contact Delaney through a bunch of hack mediums, Marcella's at her wit's end. But there's one medium she's hasn't tried yet, and he just happens to be Delaney's scorching hot brother Kellen- the one guy who never gave Marcella the time of day.

My Review:
Okay, it's no secret that I love Dakota's writing. She has such an incredible wit, snark, and sense of humor that comes through her writing in pretty much every single book. This one was no exception. This is book #2 in the Hell series. I haven't read #1, but that didn't take away from my enjoyment of this book at all.

Marcella was a demon and reviled by pretty much everyone, except her bff, Delaney, because of that fact. As a result, Marcella has erected this huge facade of a personality that depicts her as shallow, snarky, and harsh, which keeps most people at an arm's distance from her. Which is fine with her. She has learned over her very long life as a demon (76 years) to not get attached to anyone because they are just going to die. BUT, she gave up her life to save her best friend Delaney and the love of D's life, Clyde (this happened in book #1) and now Marcella is existing in a plane of nothingness as a ghost. She's been trying to get out for 3 months so that she can get word to Delaney that everything is okay and that it's fine, Marcella is okay with this existence. She just wants Delaney to not worry and go on with her life.

Kellan is Delaney's hot brother. Marcella has had the hots for him for 10 years, but he despises demons and has basically spit on Marcella her entire life. He has just inherited Delaney's skills as a medium so he's the only way that Marcella can contact Delaney. Through a twist of fate and some maneuverings by Delaney, Kellan & Marcella have agreed to work together to find a solution for her ghostly-being.

This book had a FABULOUS character arc and growth for both of the main characters, Kellan & Marcella. Marcella has acted the shallow, bitchy part for so long that it surprises her when others start to get through that facade to what is actually underneath. This girl is tough with a capital "T"...she has been through so much and continues to get up swinging. I LOVED HER character!! She is just the kind of kick-ass chick that all of us would love to be able to channel under certain situations. She ALWAYS has a smart-ass comment and she doesn't let anyone else's snide comments to get to her.

On the other hand is Kellan. *sigh* God, I loved him! He's normally a school teacher simply because he adores kids. He's had to give that up temporarily while he is trying to sort out the medium/ghost skills that he has suddenly inherited. He has never liked Marcella simply because she's a demon, but that hasn't kept him from lusting after her. I LOVED the fact that it was his original lusty daydreams about her that brought her forth from the expanse of nothingness where she was trapped. He is such a sensitive, caring guy in a really sexy shell. I loved how he realized his mistakes about judging Marcella slowly throughout the book. BUT he is used to butting heads with her, so he doesn't think twice about calling her on her shit.

This book was so good and fun! There were some fabulous twists in the plot that I loved...a bit of suspense, TONS of snark and wit, and some fabulously hot romance! LOVED IT! Another Dakota Cassidy winner!!!

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Paperback Daydreamer (Deanna) said...

This book sounds fabulous Christi! What a fun read. I've never read anything by Dakota Cassidy but I know I really need to!