Sunday, September 25, 2011

Charlie All Night by Jennifer Crusie (audiobook)

Title:  Charlie All Night
AuthorJennifer Crusie
My RatingB

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: -
Main Characters: Tess & Mitch
Release Date: January 2011
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
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Sexual Intensity: spicy

Story Overview:

Dumped by her boyfriend and demoted from WBBB’s prime-time spot, radio producer Allie McGuffey has nowhere to go but up. She plans to make her comeback by turning temporary DJ Charlie Tenniel into a household name. And if he’s willing to help cure her breakup blues with a rebound fling, that’s an added bonus.
Charlie just wants to kick back, play good tunes and eat Chinese food. He’s not interested in becoming famous. But he is interested in Allie. And after all, what harm is a little chemistry between friends?
But suddenly their one-night stand has become a four-week addiction. Night after night on the airwaves, his voice seduces her...and all the other women in town. He’s a hit. It looks as if Charlie’s solved all Allie’s problems...except one. What is she going to do when he leaves?

My Review:
This was an entertaining little story. As always, when I listen to an audiobook, the story resonated with me more than normal. There is just something about listening to a book via audio that makes you internalize the story more (at least that is how it works for me.) Although I have to say, I wasn't a huge fan of the narrator on this one.

Charlie is working at the radio station as a ruse. He is not a dj. His druggie brother is, but Charlie has been hired by one of his father's cronies to come in and investigate a letter which stated that something illegal was happening at the station. Charlie has 6 weeks to sniff out the problem before he heads back out on the road. He is a wanderer at heart and never stays anywhere for long. The only person at the station who knows his true identity is the station owner. Everyone else thinks that Charlie is simply a dj temporarily taking over the night shift.

Allie has been demoted. She was producing the drive-time slot with her ex-boyfriend Mark, but suddenly she finds herself working in the dead of night as Charlie's producer. She has huge plans to make him a star just like what she did with Mark...if only she can get him to cooperate. In the meantime, they are  enjoying their combustibility under the sheets via some no-strings-attached sex.

This is a quirky little romance...typical Jennifer Crusie (i.e. it's totally fun and entertaining.) There is a broad cast of characters that make up the radio station personalities which keeps the whole thing really fun. They are a huge family and treat everyone who comes into their midst as family too, including Charlie. So, you can assume that his investigation is not leading to too many results. Everyone is simply nice and friendly. Well, everyone except for Mark, but he's just a dweeb and that isn't against the law. 

I had an idea of where the book was going, but it was still fun getting there. There aren't too many surprises in this one, but it was definitely entertaining and enjoyable. Definite Jennifer Crusie style, which is always fun.

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