Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Three Sinful Wishes by R.G. Alexander

Title:  Three Sinful Wishes
Author: R.G. Alexander
My Rating: A

Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance
Series: -
Main Characters: anthology
Release Date: June 2011
ISBN: 978-0425241110

Publisher: Berkley
Links to Purchase:
Amazon- $10.95
Sexual Intensity: erotic

Story Overview:
A Menage Anthology 

When Dani, Bailey and Kaya get together for an unusual girls night, they wish on a shower of falling stars and soon find their most erotic dreams coming true. 

In Sinful Desires, magic is in the air when a mysterious stranger and one wild night of passion help Dani Harris admit her feelings for her longtime friend Liam, who has been in love with her for years. 

Sinful Sensations follows the story of Bailey Wagner, who intends to stick to her five-year plan while she waits for Mr. Right. But when her sexy new boss convinces her to let loose with him--and a few of his friends--what begins as a kinky work break turns out to be a dream come true. 

Fortune-teller by day and waitress by night, Kaya Honahni is too busy running from the expectations of her traditional Hopi family to search for romance, but in Sinful Pleasures, it finds her--times two. Despite her best efforts, Kaya can't deny her attraction to Jace, or to his secretive best friend. And considering the way they respond to her, she won't have to...

My Review:
I really, really liked the way that this book was different and so creative. By definition, this book is an anthology. There are three different stories within it, but all three stories are written by the same author and they all feature the same group of friends and same flowing timeline. The book is full of Indian magic, lore, and a few paranormal well as some truly hot menage scenes and gorgeously romantic story lines. Each story has a different premise because all the romances are different, but the friends remain the same and they are all interacting with each other throughout each of the stories.

The three friends are Dani, Bailey, and Kaya. They are all together one night,  hanging out in Sonoma when they make a joint wish upon a star. All three are having issues with their lives which makes the wishes slightly different for each of them, but they all are chatting about menage when the wishes are made, so that comes into play into each story. They each have their own story line and individual romantic HEA separated into three novellas within the book.

It's really cool the way that the book has been put together. It has the positive aspect of being able to read quickly because there are three novellas, but because the underlying story remains the same, the stories and characters have much more depth than you normally find in novellas. For me, when it comes to anthologies, I normally really love one story, like another, and hate the final. That was not the case with these three. All three stories were VERY different from each other, but I LOVED every single one of them. 

The guys are absolutely yummy and fabulous. In all three stories, the guys are the pursuers and I love that in a romance. All of the men are alphas, but they are willing to put their naturally dominant personalities aside for the sake of the girls' fantasies of the menage and add another male into the mix...something that none of them take lightly. I really liked the way that K.G. wrote that conflict and the emotions that the guys were dealing with in each of the stories. It's just really well done...for each of the different circumstances.

Like I said, I just really loved this book. This is the first time that I have read R.G. Alexander, but I can guarantee you that it will not be my last. I already have several others of hers on my wish list to buy once my book budget has been replenished. ;o)


Felicia the Geeky Blogger said...

Oh I bet this was a great anthology! Amazing review again! I like the idea of all 3 stories intertwining and being written by the same author.

RG Alexander said...

Thank you so much! Saw this on twitter. I'm so happy you enjoyed it-I just had to comment.

Thanks again

Julie said...

This one sounds really cool Christi! I am writing it down. I know I say that a lot...but I mean it for real this time. Mostly because before coming to your site, I am starting to bring my book book with me. And a pen. I may have forgotten a pen before... You my dear are a wonderful/terrible book pimp. You need a t-shirt. ;)