Saturday, August 6, 2011

Rarer Than Rubies by E.M. Lynley

Title:  Rarer Than Rubies
AuthorEM Lynley
My Rating: A-

 Genre: Romantic Suspense- M/M
Series: -Main Characters: Trent & Reed
Release Date: July 2011
ISBN: 978-1615819300

Publisher: Dreamspinner
Links to Purchase:
Amazon- $14.99
Sexual Intensity: erotic

I received a copy of this book through NetGalley in return for an honest review.

Story Overview:
When Trent Copeland runs into Reed Acton at a Bangkok airport, he thinks the handsome American is too good to be true. Why would someone like Reed be interested in a quiet, introverted gay-romance writer? After all, even an obvious tourist like Trent can see that there is more to Reed's constant unexplained appearances in his path than meets the eye.

Reed Acton has one mission and one mission only-he needs to get the map that was accidentally slipped into Trent's bag and keep the mobsters who want the priceless artifact from taking deadly revenge. Trent Copeland is a delicious and damned near irresistible diversion, but Reed can't afford distractions right now, especially if he wants to keep Trent safe.

From Bangkok's seediest back alleys to the sacred north, the two men will fight to stay one step ahead of the bad guys and learn that the only treasure worth finding is... each other.

My Review:
Adventure...that is the mainstay of this book. Trent is a romance writer that has gotten into a rut in his life after the death of his partner 2 years ago, so his best friends set him up for a surprise vacation to Thailand in search of adventure. Adventure and excitement is definitely what he well as passion, danger, suspense, and even some great life lessons. As a reader, it makes for a great book.

Reed is an American living in Thailand. A very important map accidentally ended up in Trent's backpack and Reed's life is depending on him getting it back. The fact that Trent is gorgeous and built doesn't hurt anything either.

Trent is built...6 foot plus and the muscles to go with it...all obtained from time at the gym. He's also completely addicted to his creature comforts- first class all the way and he's going to smell good getting there. I loved how addicted he was to his smelly lotions and potions....such a great little quirk.

On the other hand, Reed has earned his muscles the hard way through various missions. He has learned to simply be thankful for when he actually gets a shower. At first, he is completely enamored with Trent based upon Trent's looks, but as he learns how particular Trent can be about certain things, that fascination turns to derision. But when the going gets rough, Trent steps up and toughens up really quickly.

There was a great character arc for both of these characters- Trent as he becomes more adventurous and daring; Reed as he learns to rely on someone else. They make an absolutely great couple and I really enjoyed watching their romance blossom. There is just something about two guys showing their love for each other that is just so innately sexy.

But it was not just a romance story to this book. There was also a great adventure/action story line and it definitely kept the story moving at all times. There is a lot of action in this book and I never knew how things were going to go next in this exotic location of Thailand. The Ruby Buddha with the little details and history tidbits thrown in throughout the story made for a fabulous story line. I feel like I learned a lot in this book about the region and religion, but it was all added to the story so seamlessly- it flowed in perfectly. Really a well-written book all the way around. It makes you yearn for a bit of adventure travel (without all the life/death situations.)

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Julie said...

I'm not a huge reader of m/m, but you've made this one sound quite good! I love adventure mixed with romance - there isn't enough of that. And the couple sound like they would be fun to read. Great review Christi!