Friday, August 5, 2011

Cougar Friday: Assume the Position by Mari Carr

Title:  Assume the Position
AuthorMari Carr
My Rating: B+

Genre: Erotic Romance
Series: Cougar Challenge #5
Main Characters: Ethan & Rachel
Release Date: November 2009
Publisher: Ellora's Cave Publishing
Links to Purchase:
Amazon- $4.45
Sexual Intensity: erotic

Story Overview:
Book five of the Cougar Challenge series.

Damn Cougar Challenge!

Rachel's thankful for the new friends she met while attending an erotica-book convention. They instantly connected and began sharing the relationship woes unique to older single women on their Tempt the Cougar blog. Then Monica issues that challenge . . . How is Rachel going to convince a younger man to have sex with her? Hell, even she doesn't want to look at herself naked. To control her growing angst, she makes a list of eligible men then . . . Nothing. It's been too long and her divorce was too painful. She'll never be able to do this.

Ethan, one of Rachel's physical therapy patients, is pissed when he learns of the challenge. Not because he finds it silly-because he's not on Rachel's list! So he does what any self-assured young stud would do. The luscious police officer gives her a copy of the Kama Sutra then asks her to make a new list.

And assume the positions . . .

My Review:
sexy cop+physical therapist+Kama Sutra= YOWZA, one seriously HOT book!

This is a series of books by different authors telling each Cougar's story. This particular book is #5... (I need to find/read the others in this series.) The premise is that a group of women meet at an erotic romance convention and challenge each other to engage in a cougar relationship.

Rachel is seriously stressed about living up to the challenge. She's had one lover her entire life, her ex-husband, and they divorced 6 years ago. To say that she is out of practice is putting it mildly. She's also a list-maker which Ethan, one of her her physical therapy patients, gives her endless hell over. (See story overview above.)

This book is hot and sweet and fun. I loved both Ethan and Rachel's characters. Ethan is ALL alpha male, while Rachel is dealing with tons of self-doubt and worry.

The whole reason that Ethan is seeing Rachel is because he's recovering from a gunshot wound and this has caused him to re-evaluate his priorities. This hot sexy 28 yo has been building his friendship with Rachel for 8 weeks. They are friends enough that he knows that he wants more. Now he just has to convince Rachel that this is more than a one-night fling. Gor-Geous!! I loved how relentless Ethan was in his pursuit of Rachel. She doesn't have the best self-esteem (her ex was an ass) and Ethan does everything in his power to help her see herself as he does...a gorgeous, hot, sexy woman. 

Lots of mirror sex in this book, as well as some fun position experimentation. Just a fun, hot evening's read to spice things up. ;o)

This book is hot and after reading about the positions, I am thinking that an investment in the Kama Sutra may not be a bad thing.

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Paperback Daydreamer (Deanna) said...

This one sounds very sexy and it does sound like one you should read with your significant other (if you have one, which I don't, but that's besides the point). It's a nice way to keep things spiced up in the bedroom every now and then!