Monday, July 25, 2011

Viper's Kiss by Shannon Curtis

Title:  Viper's Kiss
AuthorShannon Curtis
My Rating: A

Genre: Romantic Suspense
Series: -
Main Characters: Maggie & Luke
Release Date: July 2011
Publisher: Carina Press
Links to Purchase:
Amazon- $3.99
Borders- -
Sexual Intensity: spicy

I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in return for an honest review.

Story Overview:
Librarian Maggie Kincaid yearns for excitement—but being accused of espionage is not what she had in mind. Wanted by the police, the FBI and the criminal element, Maggie goes on the run—and runs straight into sexy Luke Fletcher. Unfortunately, when Luke pulls out the handcuffs, it's not because he has something kinky in mind...

Security expert Luke is intent on seeing the murderous spy known only as Viper brought to justice. The un-spy-like behavior of his fugitive makes him suspect he's apprehended the wrong woman. Just as they give in to lust, new evidence convinces Luke that Maggie's not as innocent as she claims to be.
Devastated by Luke's inability to trust her, Maggie runs again. She's determined to clear her name, and if that means tracking down a notorious spy even Interpol can't seem to locate, then that's exactly what she'll do...
53,000 words

My Review:
Wow! This book was a suspenseful, fun romp from the absolute beginning of the book. Maggie is a smart, resourceful librarian at the University, with a Wonder Woman fetish, who has definitely had a weird twist of fate take hold of her life. First, she has a double in the world who just posed naked for a Miss April centerfold. As if that hasn't made her life crazy enough on campus, she was just arrested for spying and espionage. She has no idea what's going on...simply that everything has to do with a visi-suit that is being developed and obviously stolen by someone pretending to be her. She is certainly not a spy...just a resourceful librarian working on the outskirts of the project through the University.

Suddenly, people are dying all around her and she is on the run...straight into gorgeous Luke Fletcher's arms. Luke is a contract security guy working for the company out to catch Viper (codename for the spy that stole the visi-suit.) He's holding her captive also, but the difference is, he doesn't appear anxious to kill her or convict her without proof like everyone else has been.

Luke is a computer savvy tech guy in charge of his first mission. He can't decide whether to trust Maggie or if she is just a really amazing actress. All he knows is that she is extremely sexy and he feels incredibly protective of her. Not a good combination when he is supposed to be bringing her into protective custody. I liked the way that he would get totally flustered and then make himself step back and think everything through. This is a guy used to using his brain before his brawn and it was incredibly sexy.

Maggie is amazing. To say that her day/week/month has been bad is putting it mildly, but she doesn't break down into a pity party. She realizes that the only one that may be able to get her out of this mess is herself so she sets to using her brains to do just that. Maggie reacts to adversity the way that we ALL hope that we will react when things go bad. She continues to think things through and gets proactive in finding a solution, no matter how bad it gets.

There were things about this book that probably pushed the limit of believability, but I was having so much fun reading it and following along with Luke & Maggie's adventure, that I decided to simply accept it all at face value. The suspense was great. I had no idea who the really bad guy was until right before it was revealed. The sexual tension was perfect. I loved Luke & Maggie together. They really made an incredible team. I loved how Luke would just randomly need to kiss Maggie, much to the surprise of both him and her. It ended absolutely perfectly and had me in tears.

I am really, really hoping with the way that the book ended in Chicago and with Reese (Luke's boss) that this is the beginning of a series. I definitely want to see more of this team!!!


Paperback Daydreamer (Deanna) said...

I like to see that you do read your Topless Tuesday books that you feature. :-P This one does sound like a fun read but I'm not putting it on my TBR list yet. LOL. I have too many others that really jump out to me. Your review is great and I'm crossing my fingers that this book does turn into a series. :-)

Felicia the Geeky Blogger said...

I hope that this turns into a series too, mostly because I loved the bromance with the guys. They were fun and I think each of them needs to get knocked on their hiney by a gal!