Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sweet Thursday by Mari Carr

Title:  Sweet Thursday
AuthorMari Carr
My Rating: A+

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Wild Irish #4
Main Characters: Killian, Justin, and Lily
Release Date: May 2010
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Links to Purchase:
Amazon- $5.20
Sexual Intensity: erotic

Story Overview:
Wild Irish, Book Four

In high school, Lily was too shy to do anything about her feelings for her best friends, Justin and Killian. Now she's ready to put to rest her regrets with a proposal that might shock even her oversexed friends-the three of them, together, one night, multiple positions.

K and J are more than a little surprised to see Lily at their ten-year reunion. The plain Jane they remember is now a stunning woman-who wants to have sex with both of them. Who are they to deny her? Even if Killian suspects they might be treading on dangerous emotional territory.

The night stretches into the weekend and, as K suspected, none of them want it to end. But he and Lily know people live in pairs, not trios, and they call a halt now, before it's too late.

Justin, however, knows a good thing when he sees it. He's ready to fight for what he wants . . . what they all need. He just has to convince Lilly and Killian that unconventional can also be extraordinary.

My Review:
At 18, Lily was too shy to admit her feelings for both her best friends, Justin & Killian. But now, it's 10 years later and it's time to put away past regrets, so Lily takes it upon herself to propose a menage to the guys at their 10 year high school reunion.

This story was gorgeous. You all know that I have a weakness for friends-to-lovers story lines. This book was the ultimate friends-to-lovers story. Killian & Justin have done everything together since 6th grade. Lily joined into their friendship in the 9th grade. They have a really long, deep history and the feelings are there between the three of them that reflect that.

Lily was the good girl that grew up with really strict parents. Justin was the bad boy who couldn't count on his parents. Killian was one of the seven Collins kids. He was the nice boy that befriended plain, rejected Lily and the partner in crime to Justin. He's the one with all the heart of the three, but it's Justin who refuses to give up on the relationship between the three of them after the weekend and I loved that. It says a lot about how much this relationship meant to him that he wouldn't give up on the three of them when normally he is the most blase about everything.

I also really loved that Mari showed them coming out of the menage closet with the Collins family. I esp. loved Sean's reaction and looking ahead to the coming book descriptions, I am REALLY looking forward to his book now.

The book is hot. The story is wonderful. I really loved all three of these characters. Another great book in this series!

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