Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saturday Night Special by Mari Carr

Title:  Saturday Night Special
AuthorMari Carr
My Rating: C

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Wild Irish #6
Main Characters: Aaron & Riley
Release Date: September 2010
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Links to Purchase:
Amazon- $5.20
Sexual Intensity: erotic

Story Overview:
Wild Irish, Book Six

Saturday's child works hard for a living . . . 

What do you get when you cross a gold-digging stripper, a down-on-her-luck hooker, an estranged husband, his knocked-up wife, a Wayne Newton lookalike taxi driver and one beleaguered Baltimore cop?

A typical night in the life of Riley Collins-Vegas style.

Riley's always been the wildest of the Collins clan, but even she bites off more than she can chew during an impromptu trip to Sin City. Once again, it's Aaron Young to the rescue. No surprise; Aaron's been watching Riley's ass forever-and he's wanted to spank it for even longer. Tracking her down, Aaron finally gets his wish-after he drags a drunken Riley to a chapel and makes it legit, of course.

To say she's shocked is putting it mildly. But Riley warms to Aaron's seduction quicker than you can say "all-you-can-eat buffet!" Who knew her mild-mannered best friend was so hot in the sack? Of course, thanks to Riley's penchant for picking up strays, the newlyweds will have to sneak in some honeymoon boom-boom whenever they can. But they'll manage . . .

My Review:
I have absolutely adored every single book in this series until this one, but you know, one out of six (so far...still need to read #7) isn't bad.

I ADORE Aaron & Riley together. She's the wild-child of the Collins family- ALWAYS in trouble! Aaron has been her best friend for 20+years. He's her BFF, her safety net, the one who constantly keeps her out of trouble. He's a straight-laced cop and he's been present throughout the 5 previous books as Riley's shadow...always staying in the background watching her antics until she needs his help getting out of whatever conundrum she's gotten herself into.

In this book, she takes off to Vegas with a friend, Trevor, who's estranged from his wife. Aaron goes after her and after a surprising relevation by Riley, he takes charge of their relationship and marries her.

Aaron looked at her dark brown eyes and felt a hope he'd never experienced stir inside him. "You said you never wanted to get married. You said it would cut into your fun time, your independence. You've sworn off the entire institution since we were three."

"Yeah," she said. "Well, I changed my mind."

Aaron considered her words for a moment, then gave in to the grin building in his chest. "Good."

I loved, LoVeD, LOVED Aaron & Riley together! Who would have guessed that Aaron had such Dom tendencies?!?'s the quiet ones that surprise you.

The scenes between the two of them were seriously smoking. I love their passion especially since it's as much a surprise to Riley as anything...she has never looked at Aaron as anything more than her best friend. I loved seeing her perspective of him change.

What I did not like about this book was the screwball hi-jinx of the crazy cast of characters in Vega. It was just too far out there for my taste. But I loved seeing Riley & Aaron getting their happy ending. That simply made the book for me!

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