Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Merciless by Diana Palmer

Title:   Merciless
Author: Diana Palmer
My Rating: C+

Genre: Contemporary Suspense
Series: FBI #??
Main Characters: Jon & Joceline
Release Date: July 2011
Publisher: Harlequin
Links to Purchase:
Amazon- $16.31
Sexual Intensity: spicy

I received a copy of this book from NetGalley for the purpose of an honest review.

Story Overview:

Tall, dark and eligible? That’s all that matters to the women of Jacobsville when it comes to handsome and aloof FBI agent Jon Blackhawk. But if it were up to him, he would never settle down. Luckily, Jon has the best gatekeeper: his efficient and reliable assistant, Joceline Perry. Without her help, he’d be at the mercy of husband hunters — but the more he comes to rely on her, the more he notices how invaluable she really is....
While Joceline can’t deny that her boss is attractive, as a single mother with responsibilities she’s determined to be professional. But when Jon is accosted by a criminal seeking revenge, she comes to his aid — fueling the spark that is growing between them.
As the attempts on Jon’s life increase, Joceline stands by his side. But when the smoke clears, will the man who avoided love realize that all he ever needed was right there all along?

My Review:
From what I can tell, this book is part of a series of books. As a result, the characters and the suspense story line were very convoluted. There were easily 50-75 characters in this book that impacted the story or the timeline of the suspense/criminal story line. Because I haven't read any of the other books, it was truly impossible to keep track of who was who in the criminal element of the book. That was really frustrating and about 1/2 way through the book, I simply gave up trying to keep track of the suspense story line. 

What was really good in this book was Joceline's character. I loved her! She was smart, sassy, and a complete smart-ass. Her comebacks to Jon's demands were awesome and kept me smiling.

I also really liked the story line with Joceline's son Markie. His conception was a fabulous twist and added an element of tension to the book and Joceline & Jon's romance that I loved. These things made this book totally redeemable and definitely worth the read. 

Things I liked:
*Markie's conception story line
*Joceline's smart-ass comments
*the fact that the author kept Jon's gunshot wound recovery real- no 1-day ridiculous recovery that so many books have
*Roarke- LOVED him and that he kept proposing to Joceline
*Markie's asthma/medical condition added an interesting tension/drama to the book

Things I didn't like:
*Cammy's (Jon's mom) over the top reactions to Joceline
*way too many players in the murder/attempted murder story line
*Jon's inexperience and the resulting sex scene

Overall, I am glad that I read this book. It was an interesting read and Joceline's humor/comebacks alone made the book fun to read. I just wish that someone had made a flowchart of the characters for me before I read the book.


Amanda @ On a Book Bender said...

50-75 characters? Sheesh. My head would hurt reading a book like that.

Ceska said...

This novel was my first Diana Palmer book and I was eager to read it in the beginning. I've been hearing her name for a while but the reviews for her novels were always mixed. So, basically, the story was about Joceline Perry who was a single mom--her story was that she and a man got really drunk one night and the result was her son. The man was in the military and he was shipped to the Middle East but he never came back. Joceline worked for FBI agent Jon Blackhawk as his administrative assistant and there was this long running joke in the book about Joceline's refusal to make coffee in the book. Jon was being threatened by a criminal who was connected to a powerful crime family and Joceline became a target too because she helped Jon investigate the case and put him or one of his relatives in jail--it's been a few days since I read the book and I was already initially a little confused about the whole case thing. It had something to do with Jon's brother, Kilraven and the murder of his wife and daughter.

I felt there wasn't chemistry between Joceline and Jon and I didn't feel the love between the two of them in the end. Jon wasn't also a hero--he didn't do anything or take any action as romance heroes are wont to do. Many of the characters and their dialogue (like the weird World of Warcraft talk in the first couple of chapters) didn't feel authentic to me and it felt cartoonish at times, especially Jon's mother Cammy. She was annoying trying to foist girls for Jon to marry and was total bitch to Joceline in the beginning. But Jon and Kilraven insisted she was good deep down and it's only because of what happened to her when she was younger that she was like that. It was revealed towards the end what had happened to Cammy but you would think that she would be more understanding towards Joceline because of what she went through. Then, she did a complete 360 like that **snap** and then what happened to her next with trying to catch the villain was so convoluted and silly. I could also go on about how the fact that Jon and Joceline were both supposedly being very religious people and the actions and decisions they made in the book was due to that reason but I won't. Suffice to say, it was all nonsensical.