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DemonKeepers by Jessica Andersen

Title:  Demon Keepers
Author: Jessica Andersen
My Rating: A-

Genre: Paranormal Suspense
Series: NightKeepers #4
Main Characters: Jade & Lucius
Release Date: April
Publisher: Signet Eclipse
Links to Purchase:
Amazon- $7.99
Borders- $6.39
Sexual Intensity: spicy

Story Overview:
According to Mayan doomsday prophecy, 12/21/12 marks the end of the world in a global cataclysm that can only be prevented by the Nightkeepers, magical warriors enlisted to fight the rise of the underworld demons. To fulfill the final prophecy the Nightkeepers must find their mates, but when Lucius and Jade are charged with rescuing the Mayan sun god, they try to ignore their growing attraction. Unless they can confront their own demons and accept that love isn't a weakness, even destiny might not be able to save them..

My Review:
The two misfits...Jade & Lucius.

In the NightKeeper world, sex magic is one of the most powerful ways to channel magic (another reason why I like this series so much.) Lucius is a human, but has been chosen by the Gods to act as a prophet for the NightKeepers. The problem...he's having issues accessing his gift. Jade is a scribe within the NightKeeper world, but her own powers have been less than impressive. They have a history of one amazing night full of scorching sex. That was 6 months ago and things have changed a lot in the interim, but when the NightKeepers call Jade back to Skywatch to see if a bit of sex magic can help Lucius out, she decides that she can take one for the team. That's the way that this book starts out- oh, and the shocker that the Lucius she left (the lean, geeky one) has been replaced with this huge, buff, sexy guy with the Lucius that she could have fallen in love with inside him.

Yep, chapter 1 and I was in love with this book! Lucius and Jade are the misfits of the group. He's human and has no magic. She's a NightKeeper, but her magic is basically non-existent, but the two of them together are perfect. I love how they read each other and how well they know each other. They both have huge insecurities, but they recognize that in each other and know how to bolster each other up. They make an amazing team and the longer that they work together, the more powerful and self-confident that each of them become as individuals. They mesh together just perfectly.

Lucius has issues because he was all-in when they hooked up the first time, but Jade shot him down. She was a therapist before coming to SkyWatch and has seen too many women lose themselves for the sake of "loving" a man and vows that she will never fall into that trap. But as their relationship develops, they change rolls which means that they have a lot of issues to resolve...while trying to save the world. ;o)

A great book with 2 wonderful characters. Out of all the NightKeepers, I think that these 2 are my favorite couple (so far...)

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You are ahead of me so I only glimpsed at your review! I love Jessica's writing and i am so very glad you liked them just as much :)