Saturday, July 9, 2011

Break Out by Nina Croft

Title:  Break Out
Author: Nina Croft
My Rating: A-

Genre: Sci Fi Suspense
Series: Blood Hunter #1
Main Characters: Rico & Skylar
Release Date: July 2011
Publisher: Entangled Publishing
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Amazon- $0.99
Sexual Intensity: spicy

Story Overview:
The year is 3048, Earth is no longer habitable, and man has fled to the stars where they’ve discovered the secret of immortality—Meridian. Unfortunately, the radioactive mineral is exorbitantly expensive and only available to a select few. A new class comprised of the super rich and immortal soon evolves. The Collective, as they’re called, rule the universe.

Two-thousand-year-old Ricardo Sanchez, vampire and rogue pilot of the space cruiser, El Cazador, can’t resist two things: gorgeous women and impossible jobs. When beautiful Skylar Rossaria approaches him to break a prisoner out of the Collective’s maximum security prison on Trakis One, Rico jumps at the chance. Being hunted by the Collective has never been so dangerous–or so fun!

My Review:
I don't know why I don't read more sci-fi romance because I really do love this sub-genre and this book was a fabulous example of it.

Rico is a vampire in the year 3048, but he's been alive since the 1400's on earth. He's not necessarily a nice guy and is very upfront about that...
"I don't eat everyone I come into contact with--I'm very selective. But humans are fragile, and I've learned not to become too attached."
He also tends to be a bit of a man-slut, but he's pretty up-front about that too. The sex helps to curb his more natural vampiric predatory leanings. He owns the spaceship the El Cazador, but he's hired Tannis to act as Captain and to handle the crew. She's his best friend, but overall, he's pretty much a loner and likes it that way.

Skylar is a soldier and she's on a secret mission which brings her on board the El Cazador. She's there completely under false pretenses. Normally, she is a soldier with the Collective, which means that she's constantly connected to them through her mind. This is the first time in a very long time that she's been disconnected from the Collective mind. As such, she starts to question some of the things that she has always accepted with the rhetoric that has always floated constantly through her brain.

Skylar is incredibly drawn to Rico, but knows that if he drinks her blood, he'll know that she's not who she says that she is. So she colludes with the crew of the El Cazador to keep her out of his clutches. It's really funny to see Rico continually frustrated, but even he is surprised at how much he's enjoying spending his time with Skylar without the physical aspect of their relationship.

There really is a lot of humor to this book, which I really loved. Tannis has a seriously smart wit. Rico can always be counted on for his dry humor and even Skylar has a bit of snark to her...
A horrible idea occurred to her. "Is this some weird vampire shit? Do vampires even have sex? Everlasting Hell, don't tell me your impotent?"

"Impotent?" He repeated the word as though he wasn't sure what it meant.

"Please don't tell me the big come-on is all an act--your overcompensating for the fact that you can't actually do it."

This book was really fabulous, but I felt like the story was just truly beginning when the book ended because finally all the secrets were out in the open. This is going to be a fabulous series. I can't wait to see what comes next for Skylar & Rico.

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Paperback Daydreamer (Deanna) said...

This sounds like a great book Christi...and it's only .99??!! Wow, I'm going to have to jump on that. :-) Thanks for a fantastic review and the fact that it's set so far in the future really appeals to me.