Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Wish List by Gabi Stevens

Title:  The Wish List
Author: Gabi Stevens
My Rating: A-

Genre: Paranormal Suspense
Series: Time of Transition #1
Main Characters: Kristen & Tennyson
Release Date: April 2010
Publisher: Tor
Links to Purchase:
Amazon- $6.99
Borders- $5.59
Sexual Intensity: spicy

Story Overview:
Kristin Montgomery is more than a little shocked when her aunts inform her they’re fairy godmothers. Worse, after dropping that bombshell they hand her a wand and head off on a world cruise. Now Kristin’s uncomplicated life as a CPA in San Diego has disappeared like magic and she not only has to deal with her burgeoning magical powers, but also a reluctant—and distractingly sexy—magical arbiter.
Tennyson Ritter is a historian. A scholar by choice, he is yanked from his studies to act as arbiter for the newly chosen fairy godmother. He doesn’t want to waste his time with a woman who doesn’t know anything about magic or the magical world, but soon the beguiling Kristin draws him away from his books and into her life.
But before Kristin can hone her skills and pass the tests necessary to fully claim her powers, she and Tennyson must work together to defend the world – both magical and human – against those that would claim her powers for their own.

My Review:
What an absolutely fabulous and fun premise for a book. This book was just entirely an entertaining read- so much fun with more than a touch of whimsy. This book is for those of us that like to believe that there can still be magic (and fairy godmothers) in this world.

Kristen has been totally knocked off-kilter. She had no idea that there was something more magical to this world until she is told that she's the newest fairy godmother. Surprise! With no background in magic, both her parents were Groundlings (non-magical humans,) she is floundering trying to figure out what she is supposed to be doing. Tennyson has been sent to guide her, but is limited about how much he can tell her. Add to that, he really resents the interruption in  his research just so he can guide her. In other words, he's pretty much a jerk their first few days together.

Kristen has spent her life as an accountant and list-maker. She thinks things through, uses logic, and is a straight-forward kind of gal. This magic stuff is not near so exact. But even though she is way out of her element, she keeps plugging along with her erratic magic and unpredictable powers. I loved that about her...she was determined even when she just wanted to sit down and cry.

I also really like how Kristen and Tennyson's relationship develops. Honestly, at first, they truly do not like each other, but that soon begins to change into grudging respect (on both sides) and then even more. As the danger heightens, so do their feeling and there is a danger. Kristen is coming into some really powerful magic so the bad guys need her to establish a coup against the magical regime.

I think that the political upheaval is going to continue throughout the 3 books as all 3 fairy godmothers establish within their transition. I look forward to reading the rest of the stories.


Amanda (On a Book Bender) said...

Oooo, this book sounds right up my alley. It's going on my TBR list now. ;)

Fiction Vixen said...

Nice review. I may have to check this one out. :)

Felicia the Geeky Blogger said...

I really liked this one and the follow up! It is such a fun quick read and the world is something that the little girl in me is going YES YES YES!

Of course, I don't mind the men either LOL

Julie said...

What an interesting premise for a book! I am writing it in my book planner. Thanks Christi for making my list that much longer...again.

Paperback Daydreamer (Deanna) said...

Great review Christi! It is an interesting premise for a book just like you and Julie have stated. I might need to check this one out...maybe I'll wait to see what you say on the other two books in the series...