Thursday, June 23, 2011

TBR Thursday...the Vacation Edition!

I'll let you in on a little secret...this whole week, I have been on a camping vacation, and my TBR pile this week is all the books that I took with me.

When I first got my Kindle, I thought that it would cut down on how many books I carry with me when I travel, but then I start playing mind games of what-if:
*what if my Kindle gets broken?
*what if I can't charge my Kindle?
*what if nothing on my Kindle sounds good?
*what if I read everything on my Kindle?
*what if the apocalypse happens and I am stuck with only the books I have on me for the rest of my life?

So, I also have to take 10 books with know, just in case!

(honestly, these are what I am planning to read this week)
*Red Heat by Nina Bruhns
*Make Mine a Bad Boy by Katie  Lane
*Devil Without a Cause by Terri Garey

And I do have my Kindle too and I think that it has 25 unread books on it right now, so who knows what I will have read/reviewed when I get back (hopefully, more than just one book...LOL!)


Rachael Johns said...

You sound like me. WHen I got my Sony Reader I thought that was the end of print books for me but it hasn't been the case. On top of all the worries you listed, there's also the horribly NOT politically correct fact that I just LOVE the feel of a real book and having them all lined up on my shelves :) Although I DO love my virtual bookshelf as well and the easy and speed it takes to buy and download a book.
Enough rambling... great site. I only just found you!

Amanda @ On a Book Bender said...

lol, Christi. It never hurts to be prepared!

*Lisa Stieg* said...

You are hilarious! Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

Felicia the Geeky Blogger said...

hehe Christi! You make me laugh :)

I hope you are having a fantastic vacation and wedding anniversary :)

Julie said...

Your 'what-ifs' made me laugh out loud! You are too cute Christi! You are tempting me with the Jessica Andersen books. Anxious to see what you think!

Christi Snow said...

Rachael...thanks for the comments and for "finding" me. ;o) Yes, there is just nothing to compare to the feel of an actual book. I will NEVER give them up!

Amanda, Lisa, and Felicia... ;o) thanks! It was a great vacation! book #1 and ADORED it (already loved book #6 that I reviewed a couple of weeks ago.) Just started book #2. I have a feeling that this is going to become one of my favorite well-though-out and written. Fabulous books so far!