Sunday, May 15, 2011

Unlawful Contact by Pamela Clare

Title:   Unlawful Contact
AuthorPamela Clare
My Rating: A+++

Genre: contemporary suspense
Series: I-Team #3
Main Characters: Sophie Alton & Marc Hunter
Release Date: April 2008
978-0425217627 or 0425217620
Publisher: Berkley Sensation
Links to Purchase:
Amazon- $7.99
Borders- $7.99
Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
Taken hostage by a convicted murderer while reporting at a prison, Sophie Alton has no idea that the man holding the gun to her head is the bad boy who was her first love in high school. Condemned to life without parole, Marc Hunter finds himself with no choice but to break out of prison after his younger sister disappears with her baby.

Though he regrets what he has to put Sophie through, he can’t let anything get in the way of his stopping the corrupt officials who are set on destroying what’s left of his family. But being near Sophie rekindles memories for both of them. As the passion between them heats up, so does the conspiracy to put both of them in their graves.

My Review:
I don't even know how to start this review...this book was soooo incredibly good!! We all have a weak spot for bad-boys, but Marc is the most deadly of his of the ones that never planned to be a bad boy. He just had a horribly crummy set of circumstances and there wasn't anything that he could do about it.

Marc & Sophie had one night of amazing passion 12 years ago. She was 16 and he was 18 and it was a night that neither of them was ever able to forget. It was the night before he left to go into the army and they haven't seen each other since. But after he got out of the army (where he was a highly decorated spec. ops sniper,) he became an agent for the DEA. Something went very wrong and he has spent the last 6 years in prison serving "life without parole" for killing a fellow agent at point-blank range with 3 shots to the chest.

Sophie has no idea what happened to "Hunt" after their one night together. She is now an investigative reporter for the exclusive I-Team for the Denver paper. She has been working on a story about Megan Rawlings, a former drug addict who had a baby in prison and is turning her life around...which is the first bit of mystery for this story when Megan inexplicably kidnaps her baby and disappears. What Sophie doesn't realize is that her Hunt is really Marc Hunter and that he is Megan Rawlings brother. She has been given a tip that Marc Hunter may be able to help her locate Megan, so she goes and visits him in prison. All Marc knows is that Megan and the baby are in extreme danger and he has to save them, so he uses Sophie's visit as a means for escape and this book hits high octane power from there on out.

One word permeates the feel of this book when you are reading it...desperation. Marc doesn't want to make the choices that he has to make, but he's desperate. He can't let Megan and the baby die. He doesn't want to endanger Sophie and does everything in his power to protect her. There is a desperate feel to the story and their relationship, because it doesn't seem like there is anyway for all of this to end well. Marc admitted to killing Cross and even without that, he has since broke countless laws starting with breaking out of prison and kidnapping Sophie. There is no going back. There is only "now" for Sophie and Marc...and that gives the entire story a desperate level...both in their passion and despair.

This book is FULL of action and suspense from page one on. Reading it, I could actually feel my blood pressure and heart rate ratcheting up throughout the entire book. I could not fathom how Pamela Clare was possibly going to write this book so that everything ended up okay. I cannot even explain to you how good this book was. The suspense was A.MA.ZING! The passion was SIZ.ZLING! The love story was HEART-BREAKING! I bawled my way through the last 1/4 of the book. Then the epilogue...PER.FEC.TION! And then I cried some more. 


You need to read this one. You don't have to have read the other 2 I-Team books to enjoy it, although they are good books and the characters are re-curring so it certainly doesn't hurt. AND I wasn't a huge fan of Tessa and Julian in their book (book #2), but I have completely changed my mind. In this book, they were AWESOME, esp. Julian. I am going to have to re-read their book sometime and give them a second chance...


BookaholicCat said...

After this review I "have" to read this book.
Great review.

jo said...

Downloaded the free sample for my Kindle last night and was gutted when I came to the end. MUST buy the whole thing now LOL!!! Thanks Christi :-)

Christi Snow said...

How far did the sample go into it, Jo?? I think that I need to go back and re-read it again. OMG, did I mention how much I LOVE THIS BOOK?!?!

Cat, you are going to LOVE it!!

Be sure to come back to chat about it, girls!! smiles...

Felicia the Geeky Blogger said...

So you really like the I-Team series huh? LOL I bought the first book :) Can't wait to delve into it(though it will be June)!

jo said...

Only thr first chapter or 2 Christi....after they'd "done the deed"!! It was so easy to read, it's still on my must buy list :-)

Anonymous said...

O.M.G! This is so funny! I'm so happy that you enjoyed this book and your review is fantastic! The reason I find this funny is because over at Fiction Vixen's site she had reviewed another book in this series so I added book one to my list. When I figured out this book was in that series (I skipped over that part at the top of your review at first) I couldn't help but chuckle! It's a sign, I need to pick this series up sooner than later! :-D

*Lisa Stieg* said...

OK, since my fiction reading time is so limited, I'm only going with the best! LOL! Gonna give this one a whirl. You haven't been wrong so far!