Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Breaking Point by Pamela Clare

Title:   Breaking Point
AuthorPamela Clare
My Rating: A

Genre: contemporary suspense
Series: I-Team #5
Main Characters: Zach & Natalie
Release Date: May 2011
978-0425240519 or 0425240517
Publisher: Berkley Sensation
Links to Purchase:
Amazon- $7.99
Borders- $7.99
Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
While investigating border violence in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, Denver journalist Natalie Benoit is caught in a bloody ambush and taken captive. Alone in the hands of ruthless killers, she will need every ounce of courage she possesses to survive.

Betrayed by another operative, Deputy U.S. Marshal Zach McBride has endured a week of torture and interrogation at the hands of a bloodthirsty Mexican drug cartel. Ready to give his life if he must, he remains unbroken—until he hears the cries of an American woman.

Although Natalie is only a voice in the darkness of their shared prison, her plight brings renewed strength to Zach's battered body. With her help, he overpowers their captors, and they flee through the desert toward the border, the attraction between them flaring hotter than the Sonoran sun.

But past loss and tragedy leave both of them reluctant to follow their hearts, even when the passion between them reaches its breaking point. Faced with feelings neither expected, they fight to stay ahead of the danger that hunts them as forces more powerful than they can imagine conspire to destroy them both…

My Review:
Natalie and Zach have both had a rough few years. 6 years ago Natalie survived a murder attempt during Hurricane Katrina to then lose her parents and fiance to a fatal car wreck on their way to pick her up from the hospital. Zach was stationed in Afghanistan where he lost his entire patrol and almost died himself. For the most part, both of these people have never reconnected with life again since their personal tragedies. On the surface, they seem fine, but neither one shares what has happened to them and it haunts them...until they find themselves in another nightmare. They are trying to stay alive and manage to make a connection through that struggle that touches both of them. All of a sudden they find themselves having to rely and share with another person and that is the start of their healing process.

I really liked both of Natalie's and Zach's characters.They are in an awful situation and doing whatever it takes to survive showing incredibly strong wills. I also have to admit that it made this book even more enjoyable to read about Zach and imagine him as Jed Hill (cover model and true model that Pamela patterned Zach's character after while writing Breaking Point.)

One of the things that I have really loved about this series is the friendships that have developed between all the guys. The I-Team books, so far, have only featured the female members of the I-Team and they are already close friends. The guys have all been brought into the dynamic, but over time, all of these guys have developed amazing friendships and camaraderie too. This was played out gorgeously at the climax of this book watching the guys all work together to keep Natalie safe.

I also really loved how protective ALL these guys are of ALL the girls. They are true heroes and willing to do whatever it takes to keep any of the members of the I-Team safe.

Another great installment to the I-Team series. Seriously action-packed, suspenseful, with some gorgeously beautiful love scenes. Nat & Zach are scorching!


Anonymous said...

You really make me want to go to the book store RIGHT NOW and purchase the first book in this series and start reading! The problem is, I've hit my max on books bought this month and I have a ton of other books I must read before purchasing anything new! DAMN! Great review, I'm happy you're really enjoying this series and I'm very excited to pick it up...sooner rather than later hopefully!

Christi Snow said...

I book budget is completely blown for this month. BUT as soon as you can buy it, you need to...even if you aren't ready to read it yet. You can sit it out and simply enjoy the cover. ;o) smiles...

Jen D. said...

I have to agree with D. If there's any chance in hell of sneaking them past the boyfriend without him noticing I will totally go for broke and get the series. I haven't had a chance to comment on your other reviews (with the exception of the first one) but, I've been loving every word of them. You did an awesome job on them!

Christi Snow said...

aww, thanks Jen! I hope that you guys enjoy them as much as I did... smiles!