Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Return to Me by Christy Reece

Title: Return to Me
Author: Christy Reece
My Rating: A

Genre: Romantic Suspense
Series: Last Chance Rescue #2
Main Characters: Noah McCall & Samara Lyons
Release Date: May 2009
Publisher: Ballantine Books
ISBN978-0345505439 or  0345505433
Links to Purchase:
Amazon- $6.99
Borders- $6.99
Sexual Intensity: spicy

Story Overview:


Posing as an underage teenager, Samara Lyons is out to trap an online predator. Smart, fiery, and fresh off a broken engagement, Samara is up for the challenge. But this challenge might not be so easy. Her boss, Noah McCall, head of a private international corporation called Last Chance Rescue, can’t disguise his raw, physical desire for Samara–and she’s going crazy battling her own feelings for him. The middle of a high-stakes op, with the fate of dozens of innocent lives on the line, is not the time to indulge in sensual delights.

Then the sting explodes, forcing Noah to face his dark past and throwing Samara into the middle of an evil tug-of-war. Noah must confront an enemy he knows better than anyone else in the world, while Samara must find a way to stay alive. Now it’s no longer a matter of desire–it’s all about survival.

My Review:
Christy Reece has written a wonderful, powerful series of books based around Last Chance Rescue. LCR is a private contracting company that locates and rescues people that have been kidnapped. The operatives within LCR are highly trained and highly skilled...they are also highly empathetic to the people that they are rescuing because a LOT of these operatives have had horrific backgrounds themselves. Noah McCall was one of the founders of LCR and all the operatives agree, he has saved each and every one of them.

This is book #2 in the series. There are a total of 6 books out right now with 2 more coming out in the late summer/early fall. As a result, Christy Reece has started book discussions on her blog about the old books to get ready for the upcoming releases. The book discussion for this book, Return to Me, started on Tuesday so that is why I re-read this book this week. 

I will be honest, I had forgotten just how much I love and enjoy these characters and books. These books have so much emotional depth. Christy is a writing magician for creating amazingly deep characters that feel so real. The connection you feel when reading these books is feel the every single emotion that these characters are feeling as you read these books...and they are heart-wrenching emotions.

Return to Me is the story of Noah, the founder of LCR, and Samara, the former fiance to Jordan (the hero of book #1.) Noah and Samara met in book #1, Rescue Me, and they had a great physical chemistry, but Noah shot Samara's advances down, thinking that she was simply hurting and a little too drunk after Jordan (her former fiance) and Eden's wedding. Now Noah needs Samara. Noah needs Samara to work an undercover operation where her petite size works to their advantage because she can look like a very young teenager rather than the 27 years old that she is. Unfortunately, the sting goes VERY wrong and Samara ends up being kidnapped.

Noah has had a horrific background that comes to the foreground of the suspense storyline in this book. He has fought back from some horrible circumstances and created an amazing organization through LCR. Unfortunately, he is still very emotionally scarred from where he has been and doesn't feel that it is fair to share that with anyone esp. anyone as sweet and innocent as Samara is.

Samara is a tiny little thing, but wow, is she tough! Noah intimidates everyone, but Samara fights him tooth and nail. She grew up with 5 older brothers. She knows how to stand her ground. She does not let him intimidate her and stands up to him every chance that she gets. It's wonderful to watch these two verbally spar...the sparks fly every single time!

Like I said the book is just absolutely wonderful. This is a series, but you don't have to read them all to enjoy them individually. The stories are absolutely strong enough on their own...BUT I think that you will get more out of them if you do because the story lines tie throughout the series. In this book, you get to see Eden and Jordan from book 1. I loved seeing how their relationship with Samara has advanced esp. Eden and Samara... they are truly friends now and Jordan is super-protective of a big brother. There are glimpses of the story lines to come with Ethan (his is book #3)...another GREAT book!!!

If you like romantic suspense and have not read these books by Christy Reece, I highly recommend them!!! Here is the layout of the series:
1. Rescue Me - Jordan & Eden
2. Return to Me - Samara & Noah
3. Run to Me - Ethan & Shea
4. No Chance - Gabe & Skylar
5. Second Chance - Cole & Keeley
6. Last Chance - McKenna & Lucas
7. Sweet Justice (Aug 2011) - Honor & Seth
8. Sweet Revenge (Sept 2011) - Dylan & Jamie
9. Sweet Reward (Dec 2011) - Jared & Mia 


Jackie P said...

Loved the review! And Loved the book!

The Book Vixen said...

My library doesn't have the first book in this series! I've suggested the purchase but in the interim, they do have this book. When I'm ready, I'll get this one.

Thanks for the review!

Christi Snow said...

Thanks Jackie!

Book Vixen, you don't have to have read the first one to enjoy this one. It just increases the enjoyment to know all the histories....


The Book Vixen said...

Good to know. Thanks!