Saturday, April 9, 2011

Packing Heat by Penny McCall

Title: Packing Heat
Author: Penny McCall
My Rating: B+

Genre: Contemporary Suspense
Series: -
Main Characters: Cole Hackett & Harmony Swift
Release Date: April 2009
ISBN978-0425228050 or 
Links to Purchase:
Amazon- $7.99
Borders- $7.99
Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
Cole Hackett's got a grudge. Eight years ago, he trusted the FBI and created a masterwork of computer security programming. In return, he was thrown in jail for espionage. He finally accepted his fate. But now fate's rewriting his program.

FBI Agent Harmony Swift is smart, blond, beautiful- and in over her head. When she illegally springs Cole out of jail for a top-secret, life-or-death assignment, she knows she's taking a risk. This is Cole's chance to clear his name, and she didn't expect him to harbor such a bad attitude- or to be so darned attractive.

Now, with 2 relentless Russian mafia thugs pursuing them, Cole is out for payback, and Harmony is trying to save a life. They're either going down in flames or out in a blaze of glory- anything is possible when the heat is on!

My Review:
This was a fun, sexy book. Cole was set up by someone at the FBI 8 years ago and ended up with a 25 year prison sentence. He went into prison as a slightly out of shape geeky kid, but 8 years in the prison weight room have done really nice things for his physique which Harmony quickly discovers.

Harmony is an FBI agent in Barbie's body. She has been trying to become a field agent for years, but to no avail...everyone says that she is too emo to handle the job. But when the FBI agent that she looks upon as her father-figure is kidnapped, she takes it upon herself to rescue him because she knows that the FBI won't.

There were some real issues with the believability on several aspects of the story, but I chose to overlook them and simply enjoy the book. I love both Harmony and Cole. Harmony IS tough, but she doesn't have the experience in the field to back it up. She knows that getting mixed up with Cole will mess up her plan in so many ways, but she can't help herself or her growing attraction/attachment to him as they have to travel across the country while trying to escape/evade.

Cole has learned the hard way that the only person he can trust is himself. When Harmony breaks him out of jail, he can see that things are probably not going to go his way so he is trying to figure out a way to protect himself and quickly that evolves into protecting her too.

This is a tender, sweet romance that builds up slowly between the two of them as they are on this wild, crazy cross-country trip with people after them from all sides. Cole and Harmony are both genuinely nice people and I really enjoyed watching their feelings deepen and grow.  Another great book from Penny McCall!

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