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Black Jack by Lora Leigh

Title:   Black Jack
Author: Lora Leigh
My Rating: C+

Genre: Military Suspense
Series: Elite Ops #4
Main Characters: Travis & Lilly
Release Date: March 2010
ISBN978-0312945824 or 
Links to Purchase:
Amazon- $7.99
Borders- $7.99
Sexual Intensity: erotic

Story Overview:

A rule-breaking MI6 agent joins the Elite Ops team—and tangles with a beautiful woman who may be trying to seduce him…or kill him…or both.

The Secret Service can’t control him. The British government can’t silence him. But renegade agent Travis Caine is one loose cannon you don’t want to mess with, so his commanders cut him a break—and cut him loose. His new HQ is America’s top intelligence force, Elite Ops. His new code name is “Black Jack.” And his new assignment is to die for…

She’s smart, sexy, scintillating—and one of Elite Ops’ savviest agents. Lillian Belle’s code name is “Night Hawk,” and Travis certainly wouldn’t mind flying a few midnight maneuvers with her. But when their mission turns into a red-hot game of danger, deceit, and double-crossed signals, Travis begins to wonder: Can he trust her? Can he resist her?

My Review:

When I finished this book, I was actually a little angry because I was so dissatisfied with the way that the book ended.

Overall, I really liked the premise of the story and the two main characters, Travis and Lilly. They are both operatives for Elite Ops and have been secretly involved. But then in an attempted murder, Lilly takes a gunshot to the head that leaves her without her memories of the last six years, any of her time with Elite Ops, or any of her time with Travis.

Now Lilly is in danger- first from whomever is out there trying to kill her, but also possibly from Elite Ops who are worried that her lack of memory could endanger the security of the Elite Ops groups. The key to saving her is to figure out who killed her father six years ago and is trying to kill her now.

What I liked:
*I liked that even though Lilly doesn't remember the last 6 years, that she still has an incredibly active and accurate intuition.
*I like that she know that she has a connection to Travis even if she can't remember it.
*I like that Travis has no doubt in his mind that Lilly is more important than Elite Ops. He has no doubt that if it comes down to it, he will protect Lilly.
*I loved Lilly's kick-ass motorcycle and the fact that she normally wears modified glocks on each thigh- this is one kick-ass chick!
*I like that Travis knew Lilly well enough that he could predict how she would react and where she would go next- they know each other.
*I loved Travis and Lilly together. They are an awesome team!

What I didn't like:
*Both Lilly & Travis belonged to the English aristocracy. At times this book read more like a Regency-era novel focused on the Ton than it did a contemporary suspense.
*The end was too easy and, quite honestly, unbelievable because of that. It just didn't seem to fit.
*I was left with questions and didn't feel like all the conflict was resolved esp. with Lilly and her Elite Ops standing.

Overall, there were more things about this book that I liked than I disliked. Unfortunately, for me, the issues that I had with the book were big ones.

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