Thursday, March 31, 2011

TBR Thursday- Let's Hear it for NEW RELEASES!!

I am immersed in JR Ward and Vishous as I am in the middle of re-read of Lover Unbound to prep me for reading that gorgeous new JR Ward release, Lover Unleashed. I forget how much I love these BDB books....they are just SO GOOD!!! So for today, I am just going to let my photo do my talking for me. Here is what I plan to read this week...

It's going to be a fun week!!!

What are you reading this week???

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Accidentally Catty by Dakota Cassidy

Title: Accidentally Catty
Author: Dakota Cassidy
My Rating: A

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Accidentally #5
Main Characters: Katie Woods & Spanky-Beck-Shaw
Release Date: March 2011
ISBN 978-0425239605 or 
Links to Purchase:
Amazon- $8.82
Borders- $15.00
Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
A purrr-fectly scintillating new novel from the national bestselling author of Accidentally Demonic.
Katie Woods never thought she'd be forty-one, divorced, and thrust back into the dating world. To start fresh, Katie uproots her veterinary practice to upstate New York-not exactly the hottest dating scene on the planet. But when an unconscious cougar appears at her clinic, Katie's newly single life gets a much needed jolt of the supernatural kind.
After Katie examines the cougar and leaves him caged overnight, she's shocked to find a big strapping specimen of young, hot man in its place. And when the scratch she got during the exam results in some unnatural side effects, Katie has more to deal with then her animal attraction to a much younger guy-she has to figure how to stop herself from becoming a cougar of the four-legged variety.

My Review:
I don't usually start out a book review this way, but I think that this book needs my favorite quote first just to give you a feel for the humor in this book:
Nina chuckled, giving Katie her infamous devilish grin. "It means you aren't just a werecougar, lady. You're a cougar-cougar. You took stereotyping to a whole 'nother level. You're like one of those 'doesn't look her age' chicks who hits on young dudes because they got the zoom in their boom still happening. You're a total label. Hot. Niiiice work, Mrs. Robinson."

This book is #5 in the Accidentally series. I haven't read books 1-4 yet, but I can promise you that they are at the top of my to-buy list. This book was hilarious, touching, and oh-so-much fun!

Katie is a vet who comes home from dinner to find a cougar on her front porch. While trying to get him situated into her office, she accidentally gets scratched. Within 2 hours, she has a paw and canines. Her assistant quickly calls OOPS (Out in the Open Paranormal Support) which is made up of the 4 heroines from the 4 previous Accidental books. Their goal is to help people transition into the paranormal world, but they haven't quite figured out the best approach to this so their hi-jinks are just as hilarious as anything else in this book.

Our cougar is none other than the shapeshifter Spanky-Beck-Shaw. The multiple name is a result of the fact that he has amnesia. He has no recollection of who he is, of what he is, or how to help Katie with her transition. Add to that the fact that he looks to be barely 20 years old to Katie's 41 year old age and there are some absolutely hilarious age-related quips throughout this entire book.

This book is so irreverent and funny. It was thoroughly enjoyable. The OOPS team banter with each other and everyone else in the book with snark and wit that I love- it's all (well almost all) done in fun and with love. This is absolutely the kind of humor that I love to read.

Spanky-Beck-Shaw has his own wit and humor. He is in a really difficult and uncomfortable position, but he remains laid-back and unruffled- confident in who he is (although he has no recollection of who that actually is) and confident in his desire for Katie.

Katie is coming off a really bad divorce and deception which has made her question her ability to read people and to trust herself. It's wonderful to watch her growth in this book as she re-learns that there are still good people in this world. 

This was an exceptional book in the level of how much I flat-out enjoyed it and was entertained by it. I cannot wait to find the first 4 books in this series.

Coming Soon... April, 2011 books!

After yesterday's HUGE book release, it's so hard to imagine that there are more good books to come, but April looks to be a fun month for new book releases. Here are just a few that I am looking forward to owning...

Navarro's Promise by Lora Leigh
April 5, 2011
(I got to read an ARC- advanced readers copy- of this book and it is sooo good! You are gonna want it!)

Chasing Fire by Nora Roberts
April 12, 2011

Tall, Dark, and Deadly by Suzanne Brockmann
April 26, 2011
(this is a re-release of 2 of her previous books Get Lucky & Taylor's Temptation)

When You Dare by Lori Foster
April 26, 2011
(I admit it, I have never read Lori Foster, but I think I need this one for the cover)

As You Wish by Gabi Stevens
April 26, 2011

Any Man of Mine by Rachel Gibson
April 26, 2011

Born of Shadows by Sherrilyn Kenyon
April 26, 2011

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Body Heat by Brenda Novak

Title: Body Heat
Author: Brenda Novak
My Rating: A-

Genre: Contemporary Suspense
Series: Department 6 #2
Main Characters: Sophia St. Claire & Rod Guerrero
Release Date: August 2010
ISBN978-0778328032 or 
Links to Purchase:
Amazon- $7.99
Borders- $7.99
***I received my copy FREE for the purpose of providing an honest review.***
Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:

Twelve people have been shot at point-blank range and left to rot in the desert sun. It's Sophia St. Claire's job to do something about it. She's Bordertown, Arizona's new chief of police—and she's out of her depth.

Help arrives in the form of Department 6 hired gun Roderick Guerrero. As far as Sophia's concerned, his involvement only makes things worse. Maybe he's managed to turn his life around. And maybe he's a good investigator. But as the bastard son of a wealthy local rancher, he has a history he can't get past. A history that includes her.

Rod refuses to leave town until the killer is caught. He's not worried about the danger posed by some vigilante. It's Sophia who threatens him. Because he's used to risking his life—but his heart is another story.

My Review:
Honestly, I really did not enjoy this book the first 94 pages, but then a history between our two main characters, Rod and Sophia, was revealed on page 95 and I became really emotionally involved with the story and these characters.

Sophia's the Chief of Police. The job came to her after a huge scandal came to light about the other man up for the job, so a lot of people in town are not happy with her having the job. But she's a tough chick. She's had to be- life became an unwelcome reality for her when she was in high school so she has learned how to deal. She even spent some time as a Hell's Angel chick- she has the full arm tattoo sleeve and Harley motorcycle to go with it.

Rod grew up as the unacknowledged bastard son to the richest man in town. His mother was the Mexican hired help and his half-brothers and their mother never let him forget it. He left town, became a SEAL, and is a very successful agent for Department 6. When it comes to Bordertown, he has no fondness or happy thoughts about the town. His mother was the only positive thing about his life there.

Regardless, of that he has come back to help out in the investigation about who is murdering the illegals and immediately clashes with Sophia who does not want his help. Their history definitely makes it more difficult, esp. since there is a lingering chemistry heating up between the two of them.

Like the title says, this book is hot, the suspense is dynamic, and the personalities keep everything more than a little lively. I really enjoyed this book once I got into the story. From that point on, I could not put the book down which made for a REALLY late night reading, but it was worth it!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Kiss of Crimson by Lara Adrian

Title: Kiss of Crimson
Author: Lara Adrian
My Rating: A-

Genre: Paranormal Suspense
Series: Midnight Breed #2
Main Characters: Tess Culver and Dante
Release Date: May 2007
ISBN978-0553589382 or 
Links to Purchase:
Amazon- $7.99
Borders- $7.99
Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:

He comes to her more dead than alive, a towering black-clad stranger riddled with bullets and rapidly losing blood. As she struggles to save him, veterinarian Tess Culver is unaware that the man calling himself Dante is no man at all, but one of the Breed, vampire warriors engaged in a desperate battle. In a single erotically charged moment Tess is plunged into his world—a shifting, shadowed place where bands of Rogue vampires stalk the night, cutting a swath of terror.

Haunted by visions of a dark future, Dante lives and fights like there is no tomorrow. Tess is a complication he does not need—but now, with his brethren under attack, he must shield Tess from a growing threat that includes Dante himself. For with one reckless, irresistible kiss, she has become an inextricable part of his underworld realm…and his touch awakens her to hidden gifts, desires, and hungers she never knew she possessed. Bonded by blood, Dante and Tess must work together to thwart deadly enemies, even as they discover a passion that transcends the boundaries of life itself….

My Review:
This book starts out with a serious bang- Dante has been seriously injured in a Rogue takedown gone wrong. The disoriented and injured Dante manages to get himself into Tess' vet clinic where all he knows is that he needs blood to survive. He takes it from Tess, not realizing that she's a breedmate.

Of course, Tess doesn't realize that she's a Breedmate either because she has no idea that vampires even exist. She's just a vet with a struggling practice because she only charges her patients' owners what they can afford to pay. She also has a special skill which she is keeping hidden- she can actually heal with her hands, but she can also kill with those same hands so she never uses her special gift. 

Dante has his own special gift. He has a precognition about his own death. He knows it's coming, so he embraces his relationship with Tess- no reluctant alpha male to this story! The conflict comes from the fact that Tess has no idea that vampires exist- oh and yeah, her ex-boyfriend and still-friend is, unbeknownst to her, dealing Crimson to the young vampire Breeds which turns them Rogue. Dante is in charge of that investigation which puts Tess in the middle of it all in more way than one. 

It's a complicated mess, but it makes for great romance, with a good dash of suspense. I liked that both Dante and Tess really accepted their feeling. There weren't any games to this relationship- lots of question, but neither one ever doubted their feelings or the validity of them. 

Another good installment to the Midnight Breeds series!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Eternal Rider by Larissa Ione

Title: Eternal Rider
Author: Larissa Ione
My Rating: A

Genre: Paranormal Suspense
Series: Lords of Deliverance
Main Characters: Ares & Cara Thornhart
Release Date: April 2011
ISBN978-0446574495 or 
Links to Purchase:
Amazon- $7.99
Borders- $7.99
Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:

They are here. They ride. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

His name is Ares, and the fate of mankind rests on his powerful shoulders. If he falls to the forces of evil, the world falls too. As one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, he is far stronger than any mortal, but even he cannot fight his destiny forever. Not when his own brother plots against him.

Yet there is one last hope. Gifted in a way other humans can't-or won't-understand, Cara Thornhart is the key to both this Horseman's safety and his doom. But involving Cara will prove treacherous, even beyond the maddening, dangerous desire that seizes them the moment they meet. For staving off eternal darkness could have a staggering cost: Cara's life.

My Review:
I have been a Larissa Ione fan from the moment that I started reading her Demonica series. She has an incredible creative capacity and she proves it again with this first installment of the Lords of Deliverance series.

This book is about Ares. He is one of the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, specifically War. This is the start of a new series, but for those of you that loved the Demonica series, this new series picks up exactly where Sin Undone (book #5 of the Demonica series) left off. That being said, you don't need to have read the first series (although I highly recommend it because those books are ALL AWESOME!) to enjoy the story line of this one.

The story line is that the four horsemen are siblings- three brothers and one sister that were born of an evil succubus and a good angel. They each have a seal which helps them from becoming evil and each seal has a trigger that will break it. The Apocalypse officially begins when 2 of the seals have been broken. Unfortunately, Reseph's seal has broken and he has become Pestilence. Now it's up to Cara and Ares to keep his seal from breaking. (I know that it's complicated, but believe me Larissa Ione explains it way, WAY better than me.)

Cara is human with a very special skill- she can heal animals. This skill landed her bound to a hellhound which ultimately led her to becoming the key to breaking Ares' seal. If she dies, then Ares' seal is broken...and yeah, he is really really attracted to her.

(and I think that this is a good spot to share one of my favorite quotes from the book:)

"She'd read somewhere that normal, healthy men got up to twenty erections a day. 
Um...yep, Ares was definitely healthy." 

There is lots of depth and layers to this book. This world is incredible- seriously who would think that you could create a credible romance using the Horsemen of the Apocalypse? But Larissa Ione does it and does it brilliantly!

The romance between Ares and Cara is awesome. She is just a human and, let's face it, beneath it all- He's WAR! But she doesn't think twice about challenging him at every turn. In fact, she really enjoys it. They are the perfect match. She is tougher around him and he is softer around her. It's really a beautiful romance- if they can only manage to keep her alive.

Let me tell you, honestly I could not see ANY WAY that Larissa Ione was going to pull a happily-ever-after, but OMG- she did and brilliantly. BUT the Apocalypse has only been temporarily diverted..we still have more Horsemen and three more books to the series. I have no idea how she will do it, but I cannot wait to see how she writes herself out of this one!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

You Dropped a Blonde on Me by Dakota

Title: You Dropped a Blonde on Me
Author: Dakota Cassidy
My Rating: B+

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Trophy Wives #1
Main Characters: Maxine Cambridge & Campbell Barker
Release Date: December 2010
ISBN978-0425236994 or 
Links to Purchase:
Amazon- $10.20
Borders- $15.00
Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:

She was the perfect party-planning, haute-to-the max trophy wife. Now Maxine Cambridge is broke, unemployable and living with her mother and teenage son in a retirement village, with her self-esteem kicked to the curb.

Until her geeky former classmate Campbell Barker returns, all grown-up- and off-the-scale smokin' hot. Campbell refuses to believe Max isn't that smart, funny girl he's crushed on since high school. The more Max tries to show him he's wrong, the more she rediscovers her long-retired mojo. Now, she's ready to throw down some payback on her ex-life and fight for what she deserves...

My Review:
This book really resonated with me. I am the same age as Maxine and have spent the last 17 years of my marriage as a SAHM so I could definitely relate to the floundering of Max when her marriage suddenly went down the tubes.

I really liked the forward by Dakota Cassidy talking about her meltdown during the stress of her divorce. It gave the entire novel a whole level of credibility that I am not sure would have been there otherwise, because let's face it, Max has moments where she could easily be considered certifiable. But if you haven't been in that position, there is no way to know how all that stress will affect you.

I liked that Max realized that she was on the edge of psychosis and tried to convince Campbell to stay away from her because of it. I loved Campbell's character and how (for the most part) he realized that Max was on the edge and deserving of kid-gloves and understanding. The best scene in the book: when he walks into the pool fully clothed to get his goodnight kiss. BUT everyone has their limits to how much they can take mentally so, although I really hated it when he finally did lose his patience with Max (because he kept saying that he understood and could handle her angst,) I could understand it.

The fact that the whole novel takes place in a retirement village was a hoot. Let's face it, most elderly have reached a point in their life when they don't hold anything back and it made for some really funny scenes in this book.

At the beginning of each chapter tree is a "Note from Maxine Henderson to all ex-trophy wives:" These are so funny and entertaining. They also give a hint into what is coming up in the chapter and how Max is going to screw things up again. It's a really fun little detail about the book.

I am looking forward to the 2nd installment of the Trophy Wives series.