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One Night with Her Bachelor by Kat Latham

Title: One Night With Her Bachelor
Author: Kat Latham
My Rating: A

Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Series: Montana Born Bachelor Auction #6
Main Characters: Molly and Gabriel
Release Date: March 2015
Publisher: Tule Publishing
Links to Purchase:
Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
Bid on a date with this wounded warrior for an unforgettable night of adventure. Aim high—and bid higher!—because no one comes close to local hero Gabriel Morales.

Molly Dekker hates being the town charity case, but when her son Josh is seriously injured she has no choice. She lets her best friend organize a bachelor auction to help pay her massive bills and make Josh’s life more comfortable. She can’t bid on any of the men, but a surprise bidder gives her a gift she never expected: a date with the man who saved her son’s life—the only one she’s in danger of losing her heart to.

Former Air Force pararescueman Gabriel Morales made a career of flying to the rescue, until a tragic helicopter crash stole more than his livelihood. Being auctioned off like a slab of beef isn’t in his recovery plan. But one look, one touch and one night unlocking Molly’s pent-up passion makes him realize how badly he needs to be rescued…and how badly he wants to rescue Molly right back.

Will Molly and Gabriel’s never-quit attitude have them rushing head-first into love? Or will Gabriel’s secret pain stall their relationship before it can get off the ground?
My Review:
Wow, this book absolutely blew me away by just how good it was. I was sent an Advanced Reader Copy of this book and normally I'm not supposed to quote out of ARC's because they aren't final and could change, but I'm making an exception for this book. This line is one of my favorites I think I've ever read and it really sets the fun tone to this book. This is the way the first chapter ends...
"What are you looking for, Molly?"
She swallowed again, but at least she didn't look away. "Orgasms. At least three."

Molly and Gabriel had fun little back and forth banter like that the whole book that kept me smiling, but this book also had some major angst and feels going through it. I don't want to give any spoilers, but Gabriel was hurt when he was trying to save Scott, his best friend and Molly's brother's life. That plays out in a huge way throughout this book and makes for some of the sweetest and most beautiful scenes at the end of this book. 

Molly is a normal single mother, trying to hold together the various threads of her life. She's also a kindergarten teacher who hates that four-letter "n" word...nice. It's been too long since she's gotten to be just a woman, but Gabriel sees that side of her when no one else does. 

On the flip side, Gabriel is dealing with some major issues of his own...just learning how to live again, and not doing such a great job of that. When he's with Molly, he's so focused on her, he forgets all that he's lost. They are incredible together and every single part of this book made my heart sing. It was so, so, so good! I loved these two characters and 10 yo Josh and friend, Lily. Everything just set up for the perfect story featuring a wounded vet and a single mom and her kid who need him in their lives. Gor. Geous.

And Note: This book is listed as #6 in a series. I had NO IDEA it was part of a series until I started writing the review and would never have guessed that was the case. The book absolutely works as a stand-alone. In fact, I couldn't even tell you how the other books might possibly tie into this one. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Release Day Promo Post: Say Something by T.A. Roth

What most girls search a lifetime for…
I felt it the minute he set those whiskey colored eyes on me.
We had it in spades…
My body was drawn to hers the moment she set foot into the room.
What happens when you both have pasts that threaten the future?
Do you do nothing?
Do you Say Something?


Twenty–two-year-old Ari Munoz prefers to keep men at an arms’ length.  So when her best friend Vonne guilts her into going to a frat party, she couldn't think of a worse way to spend her night.  That's until she sparks the interest of love’em and leave’em Ben Rodriguez. She knows she shouldn’t trust him, but the electricity she feels when they lock eyes is something she's never felt before.

Twenty-two-year-old Ben Rodriguez has it all, and his senior year marks the beginning of even bigger things to come.  He's a football star, fraternity president, and his endless pick of beauties makes him the envy of all of his frat brothers.  So why is a pair of long legs and hazel eyes making him want to throw out his rules?
Ari has her secrets.
Ben has his rules.

What happens when both your pasts threaten your future?
Say Something...
*This novel contains adult themes and language.  18+ please.  This is book one in a series and contains a cliffhanger.
Watch the amazing Trailer by clicking Here

Meet the author
T.A. Roth is a wife and mother of two funny and crazy kids.  Born and raised in Los Angeles, she couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.  When she’s not beautifying clients as a stylist/make-up artist at her day job you can find her reading, fangirling her favorite authors, or singing along to the radio.  After getting the opportunity to read the debut novel of a then client now friend something clicked.  Her “what the hell” attitude kicked in and a year later, here we are.  
Say Something… A new adult romance is her debut novel.

Incriminating Evidence by Rachel Grant

Title: Incriminating Evidence
Author: Rachel Grant
My Rating: A

Genre: Romantic Suspense 
Series: Evidence Series #4
Main Characters: Alec and Isabel
Release Date: March 2015
Publisher: Janus Publishing
Links to Purchase:
Sexual Intensity: hot

From enemies to allies… 

When archaeologist Isabel Dawson stumbles upon an unconscious man deep in the Alaskan wilderness, her survival skills are put to the test. She tends his wounds and drags him to shelter, only to discover she’s saved the life of Raptor CEO Alec Ravissant—the man who may have covered up her brother’s murder to save his senatorial campaign.

With no memory of the assault that landed him five miles deep in the forest, Alec doesn’t know what to believe when he wakes in the clutches of the beautiful redhead who blames him for her brother’s death, but he quickly realizes he needs her help to uncover the truth about his lost hours.

Isabel never imagined she’d find herself allied with Alec, and he’s the last man she ever expected to find attractive. But the former Army Ranger-turned-politician proves seductively charming, and he’s determined to win much more than her vote. When their quest for answers puts Isabel in the crosshairs, Alec must risk everything—his company, his campaign, and his life—to protect her.

My Review:

Hands down, this was just a great romantic suspense story. The story switches pov between Isabel and Alec who are two very different people. 

Isabel is an outdoor girl. She's an archeologist who inspects forestry sites for signs of past civilizations before the forestry comes in and does work. She spends a lot of the time outdoors, by herself, and she's perfectly okay with that. She grew up and her brother Vin raised her from her teen years. They were close until he died the year before under suspicious circumstances at the Raptor compound. 

Alec is old money. He was raised to take up the politics mantle and in an effort to truly find himself, joined the military and ended up as a highly-decorated Ranger. When he got out, he bought the contracting defense company, Raptor, so he could continue to make a difference with helping in the training of the military. He found that wasn't enough though, so he is now in the middle of a senatorial bid. He can't afford for scandal to happen at his Raptor compound, but Isabel isn't letting things rest. 

Isabel is sure something is fishy with her brother's death. He was as much, if not more, of an outdoor person than her. With his military training, there is no way he should have died from exposure which is what she's being told. But Raptor, and specifically it's CEO, Alec, have stonewalled her so she's decided to see what she can find out on her own. While doing her job with a bit of side-snooping, she discovers Alec in the middle of the forest, unconscious and hurt. Suddenly everything is looking suspicious, including both Alec and Isabel. No one knows who is trustworthy and who's not. 

This book is action-packed and full of suspense and intrigue. But at the heart of all that is the sizzling chemistry between Alec and Isabel. I loved them even when neither was sure about the other, they still were incredible together. I also really loved that Vin had wanted to get them together before he died. This isn't a military novel per se, but it definitely has that feel because most the operatives and operations are from the military world. I thought the suspense line with the secret weapon was brilliant and loved how none of the attacks made sense until the weapon was revealed. So forward thinking and innovative. I liked the twists and turns and just overall loved the entire book. 

This was my first Rachel Grant read, but it definitely won't be my last. If you enjoy romantic suspense, especially those with a military influence, I highly recommend this one!

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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Cover Reveal: Absolute Lovers by SJ Hooks

Coming in June...

Preorder the final installment of The Absolute Series TODAY!
Absolute Lovers

Story Description:
Professor Stephen Worthington has been schooled in the bedroom by free-spirited student Julia Wilde. But what started as a casual arrangement has turned into so much more—at least for Stephen. Head over heels, Stephen is tired of being just “sex buddies.” Julia’s resisting, but her blithe attitude towards keeping it casual may just be a front. Can he prove to her that their amazing sexual chemistry can mix with romance and ultimately win her heart?

In this eagerly awaited sequel to S.J. Hooks’ successful first novel, Absolute Beginners, readers will find themselves riding alongside Stephen and Julia’s highs and lows as their friends-with-benefits relationship reaches a crossroads. Absolute Lovers humor and romance will tease and delight both dedicated fans and new readers alike. Absolute Lovers is the final installment in the Absolute Novels series.

Amazon buy link...Absolute Beginners
(you can read my A rated review for Absolute Beginners...HERE)

Amazon pre-order link...Absolute Lovers

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The Dangers of Dating A Rebound Vampire by Molly Harper

Title: The Dangers of Dating a Rebound Vampire
Author: Molly Harper
My Rating: B+

Genre: Paranormal Romance 
Series: Half-Moon Hollow #3
Main Characters: Gigi and Nik
Release Date: March 2015
Publisher: Pocket
Links to Purchase:
Sexual Intensity: spicy

Story Overview:
In the next book in Molly Harper’s beloved Half Moon Hollow paranormal romance series, Gigi starts her first job (at Vampire Headquarters), gets over her first love, and may even fall for her first vampire!

Gigi is no longer an innocent teen. All grown up and looking for love, her family and friends worry she’ll go for the sexy, alluring vampire instead of a nice, safe human. But sexy and alluring, with a penchant for biting, could be just what Gigi wants...

My Review:

I always know that I can count on Molly Harper's books to keep me smiling and laughing as I read them. And this one was no exception to the rule. In fact, my husband even called me out last night while I was reading it because I was disturbing him with my laughter. ;)

This is a fun book. We've kind of seen Gigi grow up in the series and it's so fun to see her come into her own. She's home from college for the summer and is working for the Council...something big sis, Iris, is not exactly thrilled about. Iris and all her vampire friends are more than a little protective of Gigi and no one wants her to end up as a vampire meal. So prior to going to work, she's had a bit of hand to hand combat training. Which is good, because someone does try to kill her on her first day...Nik.

Nik just also happens to be the sexy blond vampire that Gigi's been dreaming about ever since she ran into him when she was home from college at Christmastime. The problem...something is wrong with Nik. He enters a fugue state when he attacks her and has no memory of the attacks or even of ever meeting Gigi. That's not exactly flattering to the girl...either the attacks or the forgetfulness. To make matters worse, Nik is also working for the Council. And Gigi's having a few problems settling in with all her co-workers at her new job. 

If you've liked Molly Harper's writing before, you're going to like this book. The entire cast of characters from the Half-Moon Hollow series and Jane Jamieson series all show up and they are just as nutty and irreverent as ever. Their quips during the group scenes constantly keep me laughing out loud. I love this group of characters and they are even better when they are all together to poke fun at one another. Gigi and Nik fit right in...after the group gets over the fact that Nik keeps trying to kill her. Yeah, there's a few laughs because of that, too. Molly Harper writes with a snarky, fun voice that I love. And I also love that her books are beginning to get just a bit steamier. I like that a little bit of the smexiness is on the page now. It makes the romance side of the story even sweeter and more intense. 

I liked Nik and Gigi as a couple, but I really just loved Gigi. She's a good person who's had to put up with a lot over her lifetime. She's smart and though she's still young, she's had to grow up and mature a lot. I love her loyalty and understanding with her "tribe". She gets that even though they can be a bit much, they simply love her and want to protect her and she understands that and shows much more patience for it.

The book was definitely one I would recommend. It easily can be read as a stand-alone,but I do recommend the whole series...not because you need to have read them to enjoy this one, but simply because they are all just that good. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Falling by Barbara Elsborg

Title: Falling
Author: Barbara Elsborg
My Rating: A

Genre: Contemporary Romance (m/m)
Series: Fall or Break #1
Main Characters: Harper and Malachi
Release Date: March 2015
Publisher: Samhain
Links to Purchase:
Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
Falling is easy. Landing without breaking your heart? Impossible.

Harper is no longer behind bars, but it doesn’t feel like it. Ten years serving time for a crime he didn’t commit have left him shut down, numb, and a frozen wreck over the simplest of choices.

He’s acutely aware of the dark-haired young man checking him out in the supermarket, but he’s too deep in panic mode to even meet the guy’s gaze. Afraid the slightest move will trigger a fall that will never stop.

Fresh off a long-term relationship with a controlling man, Malachi is stuck living with relatives who think he’s a waste of oxygen. The tall guy in the long, gray coat is the first bright spot he’s glimpsed in a long time…though the man’s unblinking stare at a bottle of shower gel is a touch alarming.

Hard experience tells both of them to turn away before lust turns to hopeless attraction, and inevitably to disaster. But once their sparks connect, the arc of electricity is too strong to deny. Even if the cost is too much to bear.

Warning: Contains an ex-con with disaster written all over him, a boy toy who’s trouble with a capital T, a damp old British house, compulsive meddling, and enough hot sex to cure the severe case of nervous babbling.

My Review:
Ten years in jail for a crime that you didn't commit...age 24-34. Can you imagine that horror? Harper's crime...being a teacher who cared too much so that it made him look even more guilty when he was accused of raping one of his students and assaulting another. This is every person's nightmare and it made this story so compelling, because you know that this happens. To go inside the life of the person who suffered because of it...heartbreaking. My heart tore in two for Harper. He's so emotionally stunted now. He doesn't know how to function, to trust, to touch, to relate. But then he meets Malachi.

Malachi has his own set of heartbreaking circumstances. He finally managed to break himself off from a bad relationship, but it caused him to lose his job, his place to live, and any sense of self and independence. Now he's having to rely on his brother in law to let him live with them, although he's over and above domineering, abusive, and homophobic.

Everything about this book was heart-rending and I couldn't put it down. Over and over things go from bad to worse for these two. They simply can't catch a break and I wasn't sure how in the world they would ever come out of this story with a happy ending. But that Incredible and I so can't wait for book #2 in this series... whoops, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Malachi absolutely made this book. Over and over I'd smile at his sense of humor and his incredible ability to pull Harper out of his shell. Malachi absolutely is the best thing that could have happened to Harper and I loved the two of them together. Malachi is one of those guys that you can't help but fall in love with. He has a sense of honesty even when it is a detriment to him that I had to respect. I loved his approach to everything in the book and when I found out the details of his childhood and brother, my heart broke for him even more.

Harper...he loved kids and teaching...and he's lost everything. He's not even allowed to be around kids. Ever. For the rest of his life. That's devastating. And to be labeled a sexual offender for the rest of his life...the stigma of that is overwhelming. Like I said...this book is amazing and I'm so glad I accepted it for review. Harper and Malachi make the perfect couple!

And they are hot together. It's been a while for both men (well, more than a while for Harper) and their anxiousness and desperation played out so sexily in their sex scenes. I loved that honesty. It was incredibly hot. 

Now, I'm so ready. Bring on book #2. The plot sounds amazing, but I cannot wait to see what the author does with HIM...OMG. I can't wait!!

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

Flirting with Fire by Kate Meader

Title: Flirting with Fire
Author: Kate Meader
My Rating: A

Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Series: Hot in Chicago #1
Main Characters: Kinsey and Luke
Release Date: March 2015
Publisher: Pocket
Links to Purchase:
Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
The first installment in Hot in Chicago, a brand-new, sizzling series from Kate Meader that follows a group of firefighting foster siblings and their blazing hot love interests!

Savvy PR guru Kinsey Taylor has always defined herself by her career, not her gender. That is, until she moved from San Francisco to Chicago to be with her fiancĂ© who thought she wasn’t taking her “job” of supporting him in his high-powered career seriously enough—and promptly dumped her for a more supportive and “feminine” nurse. Now, as the new assistant press secretary to Chicago’s dynamic mayor, she’s determined to keep her eye on the prize: no time to feel inferior because she’s a strong, kick-ass woman, and certainly no time for men.
But that all changes when she meets Luke Almeida, a firefighter as searingly sexy as he is quick-tempered. He’s also the second oldest of the Firefightin’ Dempseys, a family of foster siblings who have committed their lives to the service—if Luke’s antics don’t get him fired first. When Luke goes one step too far and gets into a bar brawl with the Chicago Police Department, Kinsey marches into Luke’s firehouse and lays down the law on orders from the mayor. But at Engine Co. 6, Luke Almeida isthe law. And he’s not about to let Kinsey make the rules. 
My Review:

This is the first time I've read this author, but I can guarantee you it won't be the last time. I really truly enjoyed reading this book. This book is the set-up for a new series about a family of firefighters in Chicago...the Dempseys. This firefighting family is made up of foster kids who were taken in by the family and have taken on the same firefighting careers after father and the oldest were killed in the line of duty while fighting a fire. There are five of them left to carry on the name...Wyatt, Luke, Beck, Gage, and Alex. 

(Beck actually got his HEA in a novella that was in Baby, It's Cold Outside, that I need to go back and read because it is on my TBR shelf...I just didn't realize that was a precursor to this series...although I think all of the books will stand up fine as reads on their own.)

This book is about Luke. He's the hothead of the family and that's where the story starts out. Luke and a Chicago Police Department officer got into a huge fistfight in the family bar and the video went viral...which makes the mayor look bad...something that isn't acceptable. Kinsey's job is to clean the mess and get Luke under control. 

Luke and Kinsey have incredible chemistry, but they are both coming off incredibly heart-shredding break-ups. Luke is newly divorced from his cheating wife. Kinsey uprooted her life to move to Chicago to marry her boyfriend of 10 years, only to have him dump her for someone else 3 weeks before the wedding and only a month or two after she moved there...for him. Neither one of them are willing to dip their toes into the relationship pool again, yet. 

While nothing in this book is very different from what we've seen before in other stories for the basics of the storyline, the book was written incredibly well and I found myself enchanted by it. The siblings are completely devoted to one another. If one of them is in trouble, they are all right there for support and help. I loved that relationship that runs so deep between all of them. They all come from really horrible home circumstances and that means there's some great angst under the surface for all of them. And we get to see a lot of all of them except Beck who's away with his girlfriend throughout most of this book. 

I especially loved the side story with Gage and, I really loved them and hope we get to see lots more of them together in the other stories, because they are still working things out...more angst there.

I also really enjoyed Kinsey's view of everything with the mayor. It will be interesting to see how that all plays out, especially since it looks like he plays a pretty major role in the next book, too. I can't wait. I'm really excited about how well the series started. It is very promising and I highly recommend this first book!

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.